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By blog Feb 19 2020


When launching websites and blogs, WordPress is becoming the new standard. According to data from W3Techs, an estimated 35% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress (*1), and that number is projected to increase. However, WordPress operation requires some knowledge of the web, and it can take time and effort even for daily management. Because of that, we recommend using the “WordPress Toolkit” function included in Plesk, the amazing server management tool. In this article, we will discuss the five reasons why Plesk’s WordPress Toolkit is the smart choice.
1. WordPress installation with one click
Unlike most blogging services for the general consumer, getting started with WordPress requires you to install it yourself on the server and some expertise is needed. However, with Plesk, this cumbersome WordPress installation has never been easier. With just a click on the WordPress “Install” button on the application page of the Plesk administration screen, installation is completed with no need for detailed settings.

2. 1.5 to 4 times faster site speeds with Speed Kit extension
Plesk’s WordPress Toolkit allows the introduction of the Speed Kit extension to speed up your WordPress site during heavy traffic. According to its developers, this increase is 1.5 to 4 times faster than average. Rather than trying to tweak your site’s settings to reduce the load, it is much easier and more reliable to use Speed Kit.
3. Security diagnosis and setting changes for multiple sites at the same time
For WordPress sites, you basically have to take care of security measures yourself. However, changing the security settings require specialized knowledge, and if you have multiple sites, the need to respond individually according to each site and installation plug-ins can be difficult. With Plesk, such problems are immediately solved. The WordPress Toolkit has the ability to automatically evaluate the security of the site in detail. After checking the identified issues, with one click of the “Secure” button, Plesk will automatically resolve the security issues.
4. Instantly create safe staging environment for testing
Changing the design of your WordPress site, such as introducing new plug-ins or upgrading, can sometimes cause serious problems. Therefore, it is important to prepare a test environment or clone of the site to try out design changes, etc. beforehand. However, this staging environment can double the operating costs and require extra time and effort each time it is prepared. With Plesk’s WordPress Toolkit, you can set up a staging environment with just a few clicks. Immediately, you have a complete copy of your site replicated all the way up to the database.
5. Smart Updates automatically determines update compatibility
WordPress Toolkit’s latest version (17.8) has a new feature called “Smart Updates” (paid service) that creates a clone of your website and identifies any potential problems with your site when updating WordPress in the test environment. With Smart Updates, a detailed report is sent, and users can select three options: 1) Do not auto-install updates, 2) Auto-install minor updates only, and 3) Auto-install all (minor and major) updates.
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※1:Usage statistics and market share of WordPress – W3Techs

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