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A New Semester Begins: Cloud Backup is Coming to School

By blog Apr 03 2019


When we consider who the most common users of cloud backup might be, we think first of big companies and their employees but the truth is, the cloud has reached a far larger audience than this. In recent years, cloud backup solutions have been introduced widely at various educational establishments, especially at universities, and today a significant portion of users are involved with an educational institution.


The Advantages of Cloud Storage at School

Cloud storage is common among educational institutions because it offers many advantages over traditional on-premise servers.


Compatibility with Smartphones

Needless to say, most students these days own a smartphone. Many students keep information such as notes, research files or homework on their devices and will need to access it easily. Unfortunately, on-premise backup systems, which are still used by many schools today, are usually not compatible with smartphones. By employing cloud storage services, both students and teachers can synch up easily to their smartphones, and access all necessary data to enrich the learning experience.


Reduced Operating Costs

Schools that transition to cloud backup will likely see a reduction in operating expenses. Since all data is secured off-site, there is no need to operate and manage on-premise servers. This is especially true for periods of increased traffic, such as the beginning of a new semester, when operating costs increase in preparation for this higher usage. Switching to the cloud will save schools this extra expense each semester.


Easy and Convenient File Sharing

Cloud storage allows for the use of shared folders. When files are placed in this shared folder, the process of co-editing and sharing data is much easier. In the cloud, all file changes are automatically synchronized, eliminating the need for tedious manual updates.


Cloud Backup Solves Problems

Cloud backup and storage also solve various problems that arise in modern education.


Seamless Storage and Sharing of Large Files

This need is especially pressing for colleges and universities as there is an increasing demand for students to exchange large files, such as videos. On-premise systems usually do not have sufficient storage capacity to allocate each student what they need for smooth file exchanges. With the cloud, however, schools can sign up for high-capacity storage at a low price. When students no longer have to worry about the difficulties of storing and sharing data, they can direct all attention towards their education.


Safe Data Extraction

Before the cloud, the use of USB drives was highly common for transferring data between home and campus. While many continue to rely on USB drives, users have decreased overall. Unfortunately, data loss and security problems are inevitable with USB memory. Replacing your USB with the cloud means that you can easily retrieve and upload files without worrying about a potential loss.


Transferring Information & Mail to the Cloud

Not only are storage and backup systems transferred to the cloud, but emails and all other information are as well. A complete cloud migration provides students and staff with a much more convenient working environment, reducing the burden of server management and promoting a paperless approach to work.


Easy & Affordable Cloud Backup

Tsukaeru’s Cloud Backup is a popular cloud backup solution that is both extremely affordable and easy to use. This highly reliable service also provides top security to all users, including but not limited to ransomware protection. If you are considering a transition to the cloud, take a look at Tsukaeru’s Cloud Backup.

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