An End-of-the-year Introduction to Affiliate Marketing: It’s Easy to Get Started!


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By blog Dec 25 2019


An increasing number of people are becoming marketing affiliates as a way to earn extra money on the side. However, while many may have heard of the term, they may not know how it works or think that it is difficult to get started. In this month’s article, we will introduce the basics of affiliate marketing and what you need to know.
What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a way to earn money by placing advertisements on your blog or website. Basically, the reward comes from the following flow:

1. Register with an intermediary company called an Affiliate Service Provider (ASP)
2. Select the product/service you want to introduce from the ASP site
3. Introduce the product/service with banner ads on your blog or website
4. If a user reads an introductory article, clicks on an advertisement, and purchases a product or contracts a service, a reward is generated accordingly
As rewards increase according to the number of achievements (product purchases and service contracts), it is important to identify and post better products and services, and to clearly introduce their merits.
Benefits of becoming an affiliate
Why are so many people getting into affiliate marketing now? Reexamining the following benefits may explain why:

・No initial investment is required
・With access to the internet, you can easily start with basic skills or knowledge
・One product introduction can lead to many views
Because affiliate marketing has almost zero risk and a low threshold to start, it is recommended for beginners who have little experience with this type of side job. If you already have a blog, it will take little effort to quickly get up and running.
What’s different about Tsukaeru’s Affiliate program?
Did you know that Tsukaeru has its own affiliate program that you can actually use? Our affiliate program is packed with benefits that are a bit different from others.
1. Easy application without an ASP! OK to just share a promo code
Tsukaeru affiliates do not need to paste banner advertisements. Also, the application is easy since there is no need to use any ASPs for intermediary purposes. You can just apply from our official website.
After registering for our affiliate program, a unique token (promo code) is issued. To introduce it to a wider audience, you can just share the token, not only on your blog or website, but also on any platform such as SNS, email, and chat. It is also possible to put the token on business cards and posters.
The token can be customized as per your preference (you need another application). You can have your favorite name which is easy to remember! 

2. Two rewards systems to choose from
There are two types of reward options: “Batch Reward,” which is ideal for those who want to receive awards immediately, and “Continuous Reward,” which is optimal for those who want to receive rewards continuously. For the first type of reward, you would receive a fixed reward for each contract completed (i.e. Tsukaeru Cloud VPS 8GB → 6,000 JPY). For the second type, you would receive a monthly “usage fee x 10%” per contracted customer until the contract is cancelled (i.e. Tsukaeru Cloud VPS 8GB → 1,200 JPY/month).
3. Reliability due to popular, high quality service
Because Tsukaeru has 20 years of experience and many users both in Japan and overseas, you can recommend it with confidence.
At the end of the year and during the holidays, many people surf the web, increasing the number of visitors to blogs and websites. This is a perfect time to become an affiliate. Why not take advantage of this traffic and aim for an easy supplemental income with Tsukaeru’s Affiliate program?
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