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An Office365 Reality: All You Need to Know About Cyberattacks & Countermeasures


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By blog Aug 07 2019


As more companies introduce Office365 into their central operations, more cyberattackers are coming up with means of accessing this new pool of data. For companies using Office365, long gone are the days where security measures can be brushed aside. They, too, are among the many who must take safety precautions surrounding data and sensitive information. Let’s take a look at the current situation and the countermeasures one can take.

Office365 is a Major Target for Cyberattacks

Usage of Office365 has risen considerably in both Japan and the world in general, and it is considered one of the most successful business services today. Currently, about 80% of companies on the ‘Fortune 500’ list and 70% of ‘Nikkei 225’ companies make use of Office365 products. Some Japanese companies who are avid users include Toyota, Japan Airlines, Yamaha, Softbank, Rakuten, and many others. Office365 sets a high standard for every business environment and to many, these services are absolutely essential.

Unfortunately, as it has risen in popularity, so has it become a bigger target for cyberattackers. Attacks on Office365 accounts have been increasing and diversifying over recent years. Most recently, attacks have started to target administrator accounts that perform software integration and mail system management. These accounts tend to be overlooked in terms of security and when accessed illegally, this violation is harder to notice. Once an administrator account has been hijacked, there is a risk of attackers gaining more advanced access over the entire Office365 system.

Phishing is More Sophisticated Today than Ever

Emails containing phishing ploys to steal Office365 login IDs and passwords are becoming far more sophisticated. For example, targets have been receiving emails that are responses to existing email threads. This means that when the dangerous email appears, it is from the real email addresses of a previous customer or client (these accounts were hacked as well), with the same email subject, and when the email is opened, it will have all prior exchanges quoted at the bottom. In other words, it looks no different from an ordinary email. Unless you pay a lot of attention to the content of the email, it can be difficult to recognize it as a phishing scam.

If you suspect you’ve been sent a phishing email and you try to send an automatic reply to the sender, it is likely you will have this email returned to you.

Taking Security Precautions

Right now, you’re probably wondering, “What measures can I take to prepare for these cyberattacks?” The first thing you need to do is back up all your Office365 data. If you back up all your data, including emails and files, on a daily basis, you will not lose any important data in the event of an emergency.

Office365 Protection is an effective new solution that completely backs up and protects all Office365 data including information on Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint. With Office365 Protection, you can finally get peace of mind for a low price of ¥ 580 a month.

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Microsoft’s Recommendation

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