What Is Ransomware And What Is The Best Way To Stop It?


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By blog Nov 18 2020


In the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic, online and digital are becoming increasingly important to business. While these trends have many advantages in terms of new ways of working and other aspects, it is also true that cyber attacks (i.e., ransomware and malware) are rapidly increasing to exploit the gaps.
Ransomware attacks are on the rise
A type of cyber attack called "ransomware" is particularly risky at the moment. This attack is a virus that encrypts files on an infected PC and makes them unreadable to the owner(s).
Ransomware attackers demand a "ransom" from their victims. If the ransom is paid, they will unencrypt the files and restore them to their original state.
There are currently many different types of ransomware, such as WannaCry, which came on the scene around 2017. This year, a new ransomware called MAZE has become a global epidemic, and the damage is slowly becoming more noticeable in Japan, as well.
Problems with ransomware countermeasures
The difficulty with ransomware countermeasures can be summed up in two points: the modus operandi has become so sophisticated that it is difficult to prevent infection, and once infected, the probability of regaining access to data is low.
Ransomware is currently the most popular method "chosen" by attackers, and the techniques and methods are evolving every day. Although the main route of infection is through links and attachments in spam e-mails, it is often difficult to guard against the attack because the e-mails look completely normal, for example, identical to ones from trusted business partners.
Also, once infected with ransomware, it is very difficult to recover the encrypted files. Even if you pay the "ransom" demanded by the attackers, there is no guarantee that your data will be restored. Unfortunately, there have been many cases where the ransom was paid in full, but the encryption was not lifted. In the end, the victims had no choice but to give up on the lost data and move on.
Tsukaeru Cloud Backup+ Ransomware Protection: a breakthrough service!
Tsukaeru Cloud Backup + (Plus), recently released by Tsukaeru, is a groundbreaking service developed specifically to address the growing risk of ransomware and malware.
▼Cloud backup means you don't have to worry if you get infected
Tsukaeru Cloud Backup+ is a comprehensive solution that integrates a backup function and security measures, regularly backing up all of your PC data to a secure cloud server. In this way, even if your company's local PC is infected with ransomware, all you have to do is restore from the pre-infection files from the cloud.
▼Next-generation AI-based ransomware detection
Tsukaeru Cloud Backup+ includes the latest next-generation ransomware and malware detection, which uses AI technology to detect and block unknown threats to prevent ransomware infections with overwhelmingly high probability and accuracy.
▼All-in-one security measures necessary for today's world
Tsukaeru Cloud Backup+ includes a whole host of security features that are crucial in this day and age, including automatic virus scanning, vulnerability testing, patch management, malware quarantine, and more. There’s no longer any need to juggle multiple tools for backups and security measures.
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