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By blog Nov 04 2020


With the increase in the number of remote workers, cybersecurity is becoming more and more important. While there are many crucial factors in effective corporate security measures, email security is one of the first areas that should be addressed.
Targeted email attacks are on the rise
Virus and malware infections via email remain the most damaging type of cyber-attack and are continuously evolving. In particular, targeted email attacks are increasing, designed for and aimed at specific individuals and companies.
Targeted email attacks are sophisticated methods to trick employees to click on malware links or attachments sent under the guise of a business partner or customer. Because these emails look just like normal business emails, it is possible that malware can be unknowingly downloaded.
Emotet: a new malware threat
Recently, a new malware similar to targeted email attacks, Emotet, has been on a global rampage since 2019. Like targeted email attacks, the Emotet infection starts when a link or attachment in cleverly crafted spam emails is clicked.
The scary thing about Emotet is that, once activated, it multiplies by attacking the company's network and spreads rapidly.
“Don’t read” and “Don’t open” are no longer enough to maintain email security
One reason behind the spread of Emotet's infection is the speed of its evolution. Every time a file is registered in an antivirus software database, it evolves by changing its file format and other features to become undetectable, creating a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse.
It has also become clear that the techniques for tricking email recipients are becoming more and more sophisticated. These days, many of these emails cannot be identified as spam without a great deal of caution, and the risk of infection cannot be mitigated by vigilance and basic anti-virus software on the recipient's side alone.
Block dangerous emails with Tsukaeru MailBuster!
Tsukaeru MailBuster is the latest solution for dealing with increasingly sophisticated and evolving email attacks. Tsukaeru MailBuster has the following features:

・Completely cloud-based: no need for software installation or updates on individual computers
・Virus blocking rate of 100% and spam blocking rate of 99.98%
・Supports ransomware countermeasures and Office 365
・Unique filtering system, which utilizes learning AI technology, shutting out even unknown threats
・No initial investment required (1,600 yen monthly cost/100 email accounts per domain)
Visit the Tsukaeru website to learn more!
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