How the Market for Cloud Backup Will Change by 2025


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By blog Sep 18 2019


When it comes to Business Continuity Planning (BCP), cloud backups have become a crucial component. As its many advantages become more well-known, an increasing number of companies have begun to utilize cloud backup services as replacements to on-premise data storage. What does this mean for the future of the cloud backup market? How much change will we see and what exactly is driving it?


The Cloud Backup Market Will Expand Significantly by 2025

According to a recent report from Verified Market Research, the cloud backup market was worth approximately $1.29 billion (¥ 139 billion) in 2016. This same report predicts that the market will rise to about $10.25 billion (¥ 1.1 trillion) by 2025. This means that from 2017 to 2025, the cloud backup market will have grown by an average of 25.9% every year.


Why this Rise in Popularity?

The growing demand for cloud backup can be ascribed to the rapidly increasing volume of data that must be processed by modern companies. Businesses across the globe are gradually becoming paperless and this means that data is now stored in electronic files. While many companies still use on-premise backup methods, the majority are beginning to recognize that this requires a much higher capital investment. On-premise backups see a spike in costs as soon as the capacity for data must be increased and there is a higher likelihood of seeing performance problems. With cloud backup, however, companies can increase or decrease their data capacity depending on their needs and this can be achieved flexibly, without incurring any large costs.


The benefits of cloud backup have also become more recognized among Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and startup companies – this has been a major driving factor behind the market expansion. Since SMEs do not have the same human and financial resources as large enterprises, cloud backup has become the most attractive and effective backup solution. Unlike on-premise methods, cloud backup does not require any server management or maintenance, and it doesn’t need significant initial investments.


Powerful Security Measures with Tsukaeru Cloud Backup

Tsukaeru Cloud Backup has proven to be a highly effective cloud backup solution, offering powerful security measures that even prevent data loss in the event of a disaster. Data centers are located a short distance from Tokyo and Kansai in the Nagano Prefecture, an area known to be resistant against tsunamis and other disasters. When emergency strikes, this location is the ideal place to store your important data.


This cloud backup solution is also equipped with Active Protection, the latest AI-based technology that protects data against malicious ransomware. Encryption is performed with AES-256 and data is transferred safely with only the highest level of security.


If you’re interested in the benefits of cloud backup, try a 30-day free trial of Tsukaeru Cloud Backup today. 


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