Increasing Cloud Fever for Cloud-Based Medical and Healthcare Services


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By blog Oct 23 2019


The active use of the cloud is spreading in various industries, and the medical and healthcare industries are no exception. In fact, these fields are in the limelight for cutting-edge cloud utilization. Let’s look at how the cloud is used in the industry and why it is being increasingly introduced.

Rapid expansion of cloud utilization in the medical and healthcare fields
Among the wide variety of cloud utilization in the medical and healthcare fields, the primary one is cloud backup. Medical institutions possess vast amounts of data vital for diagnosis and treatment, such as electronic medical records and CT scan images. However, that data is often stored only on location at medical institutions and can be at risk to damage or loss due to natural disasters. Cloud backup is attracting attention as the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective way to mitigate that risk.
In addition, venture and major IT companies are accelerating their entry into the “cloud x healthcare” field. Over the past few years, services, such as online medical examinations, cloud-based medical history books, and health management apps are providing new cloud-technology solutions for the medical and healthcare industries. There is a growing excitement for this cloud fever.

What is the reason for this increasing introduction of the cloud at medical institutions?
The background of this trend is the wave of computerization in medical institutions. The penetration rate of electronic medical records at medical facilities has reached 43% according to a Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare survey (2017) and is expected to increase to 63% in two years. As more and more medical information is digitized, the need to safely store data separately from the medical facility has never been greater.
As the majority of Japan’s population is quickly aging, the importance of the medical and  healthcare industries is also driving IT companies to enter the market. In the United States, which also has an aging population, medicine and healthcare are already some of the hottest topics in the cloud industry.

Protect your medical information with Tsukaeru Cloud Backup
In response to the expanding needs for cloud backup at medical institutions, we have been making preparations for the handling of medical information with our “Tsukaeru Cloud Backup.”
Currently, our system and operation management are being improved to comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, including the “Two Guidelines from Three Ministries” regarding the handling medical information electronically. Scheduled to be completed soon, these changes will make it possible to use Tsukaeru Cloud Backup at medical institutions while complying with all ministry guidelines. 
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