Murphy’s Law: How Cloud Backup Can Save You from Disaster

By blog Mar 20 2019


Ever since the words were first spoken by an aerospace engineer, Murphy’s Law has had a strong influence on the common mentality towards life and work. In fact, its lesson is so universal that its teachings often form the basis of modern risk management. The well-known adage states that “Things will go wrong in any given situation if given the chance,” or put more simply: “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”
Murphy’s Law in the IT Industry
In the IT world, the lesson of Murphy’s Law applies heavily to data protection. It theorizes that:

  • You’ll only remember to protect your data when your hard drive begins to break down.

  • If you back up your data regularly, your hard drive will function as usual – but as soon as you forget, a hard drive crash will likely take place.

Those who aren’t accustomed to making backups will suddenly be struck by the idea when the computer begins to act abnormally – unfortunately, by the time they have the thought “I should back up my data at once!” it is likely too late, and data loss has already occurred.
What’s the Average Lifetime of an HDD?
If your computer’s hard drive crashes, you will want to try and recover your data immediately, but this is not always possible. HDDs, which are still used for data storage on many PCs, are notorious for being prone to failure. Some experts claim that four to five years is the average life expectancy of an HDD, but those who are unlucky may find it malfunctioning much sooner.
In recent years, however, the use of more-durable SSDs has become much more prevalent while HDD usage has declined. SSDs have gained popularity largely due to the high speed at which they read and write data, but still, there are uncertainties about their suitability for long-term storage. Whichever you choose, it is vital that data is backed up on a regular basis.
An Important Rule: Make Frequent Data Backups
Every now and then, you may feel, “I’ll just backup another time,” but on these occasions, it is important to remember Murphy’s Law: if it can go wrong, it will. This is exactly when a hard drive crash might occur. To prevent the loss of valuable data, backups must be made on a frequent or daily basis. If you have never backed up your computer’s data, start today. This is especially vital for those using an HDD as the chance for failure is extremely high.
To ensure all backups are up-to-date, software with an automatic backup function is strongly recommended.
Protect your Data with Secure Cloud Backups
For an affordable and easy-to-use backup solution, why not consider Tsukaeru Cloud Backup? Complete data protection is provided, not only for files and folders used for business but the entire OS, including all applications and user settings that are easy to overlook.
As the system is completely cloud-based, no setup fee is required, and no expensive appliances must be purchased. Whenever needed, our dedicated staff and experienced engineers will provide on-demand assistance, and can be contacted by phone, email or chat, at any time.

A free trial is available for this service, so please contact us if you’re interested.
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