SSL Certificates for Website Security - The Need to Migrate to TLS 1.2


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By blog Jun 17 2020


While various social activities are now being conducted online because of the novel Coronavirus, it is still as important as ever to maintain information security measures. Especially for corporate websites, the introduction of SSL certificates is indispensable.
What is an SSL certificate?
SSL certificates are a form of technology that encrypts communication on the Internet and allows users to access websites safely. The introduction of an SSL certificate to a website encrypts all data sent and received between the server and user, making unauthorized access, data tampering, and wiretapping extremely difficult.
As an indication of greater security, websites with SSL certificates will have a URL that starts with “https://” instead of “http://.” Nowadays, when users use most major web browsers to access websites without SSL certificates, they will receive warning messages regarding security and communication.
The need to migrate SSL certificates to TLS1.2
In order to operate websites with complete peace of mind, it has become indispensable to use SSL certificates. However, since SSL (and its successor SSL/TLS) is constantly upgraded to keep pace with developments in technology, security cannot be ensured unless the latest version is installed.
Currently, there is a strong demand for the use of SSL/TLS 1.2 or later versions. Earlier versions have serious vulnerabilities and are not recommended due to security concerns.
Tsukaeru SSL Certificates: Safe and secure
Tsukaeru offers “Tsukaeru SSL Certificates,” a service that allows you to easily and inexpensively install SSL certificates. You can rest assured that the latest version of the SSL certificate, as well as full technical support, will ensure the highest level of security.
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Complete site security with cloud VPS
If you are thinking about introducing SSL certificates to your website, why not consider moving your website server to a cloud VPS as well?
Because of the excellent balance of cost, performance, and flexible scalability, VPS is becoming the most popular server choice. By focusing on security measures, Tsukaeru Cloud VPS provides a more secure environment for your website.
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