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Team communication difficulties: Solutions when working from home


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By blog May 06 2020


In this seemingly never-ending Coronavirus epidemic, the ways people work in this country are changing in unexpected ways. It is obvious that remote work is expanding more than ever, and many people are seeing a shift in their work styles. However, this sudden transition to remote work also creates news challenges of overcoming difficulties in team communication.
Remote work is increasing rapid - but not without challenges
Due to the Coronavirus epidemic and the subsequent declaration of emergency, remote work is rapidly increasing. According to a survey conducted by ITmedia Inc. in mid-March, 64% of companies are currently implementing remote work, more than three times more than last year. As reported in the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper, some internet service providers have seen an increase in their internet traffic in the afternoons by approximately 60% due to remote work. 
While there are many voices welcoming the introduction of remote work, there are some who are confused by the difficulties of team communication due to the lack of face-to-face communication and meetings.
Smooth remote work teamwork with Office 365
Currently, Microsoft’s Office 365 is attracting attention as a tool that facilitates smooth communication in remote work situations, and its cloud-based office suite is growing in popularity.
Office 365 includes the following applications that are perfect for creating easy and efficient remote work team communication:

Microsoft Teams - Business chat, voice calls, video conferencing, and more. Safe with a high-security level.
Skype for Business - Conduct video calls on PC or smartphone. Simple and easy to use.
Yammer - A versatile in-house SNS service for in-house meetings and online business training.
Exchange - Access business email for remote work.
Perfect for improving remote work efficiency
Office 365 is packed with other useful software design to create a stress-free and efficient remote work environment. It is an ideal solution that immediately solves all remote work issues.

OneDrive for Business - One terabyte of cloud storage allows for easy file exchange.
Word, Excel, and PowerPoint - The latest Office products for efficient remote work.
Microsoft Planner - Easy task management and teamwork to improve work productivity.

Full support from Tsukaeru
Tsukaeru offers Office 365 services as an official reseller of Microsoft products. A subscription to Tsukaeru Office 365 provides the highest level of support from our Office 365 specialists. If you are a business owner or a manager who is experiencing difficulties with remote work team communication, please contact us to find out how Tsukaeru can help you!
Learn more about Office 365.
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Currently, Tsukaeru is offering the cloud storage service, “Tsukaeru Filebako,” free of charge (until the end of June) in support of those conducting remote work in response to the declaration of emergency. For further information, please contact us.

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