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How Companies Like Amazon and Google are Evolving their Workstyles

By blog May 15 2019


An increasing number of companies across the world are engaged in work style reforms. It is worth noting, however, that the IT industry was the first to advocate for these impressive transformations. Big companies such as Amazon and Google are key examples of businesses that have revolutionized working cultures. In this article, we’ll discover vital factors that have led to the success of work reforms, based on the cases of Google, Amazon, and Yahoo.
Google Leads the Way for Creative Work Environments
Google is one of the best examples of a company with a creative, progressive, and highly productive workplace. Employees make use of advanced, real-time collaboration, and fully utilize cloud products such as spreadsheets, hang-outs, and drives. They are also big proponents of ‘the 20% rule.’ This rule claims that employees are much more creative, productive and independent when 20% of business hours are dedicated to individual or personal projects and in-house ventures.
Amazon Promotes Teleworking in Japan
Working from home, also known as remote work or teleworking, is not a common phenomenon in Japan. At Amazon, however, teleworking is highly common, especially amongst customer service personnel. By creating career opportunities for teleworkers that are similar to those working in-office, concerns about teleworking are slowly being dispelled. Recently there have been increasing cases of teleworkers being employed as permanent and long-term staff, instead of just contract employees.
Yahoo! Promotes Innovation with Fewer Rules
Teleworking is encouraged throughout Yahoo!’s entire company. Their work culture allows employees to work anywhere they want, such as at home or at a cafe, using a laptop loaned to them from the company.
Even their conditions for teleworking allow for some freedom. Employees must obtain the approval of a superior on the day prior to the intended teleworking day, and on the day itself, they must report the start and end times of their working hours. The goal of this work style reform is to increase a sense of autonomy and independence in employees, increasing personal satisfaction, motivation, and empowerment. It is also believed that innovation is encouraged by reducing the number of rules. These are all key factors in transforming the work attitudes of all employees, and therefore, bringing about successful reforms.
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