What is Digital Transformation (DX)? Why Cloud Backup is the way to go


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By blog Mar 18 2020


Globalization and the spread of smartphones have greatly changed our lives. As a result, companies have also had to shift their business models to survive. Digital Transformation (DX) is a core concept of transformation that companies need.
What is Digital Transformation (DX)?
There are many misconceptions, but digital transformation means more than just digitizing documents and moving operations online. Put simply, digital transformation means "leveraging the latest technologies that have emerged in recent years (cloud, social, mobile, IoT, AI, etc.) to bring new value to your business." For example, the change in the consumption style of music and movies to the subscription model is a case in point.
The Present Situation of DX in Japanese Companies
As things stand now, many Japanese companies are increasingly aware of the need for digital transformation, but haven’t been taking steps to develop it. According to a report by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Note 1), one of the main reasons why DX is not progressing in Japan is that "existing systems that have become obsolete are complex and closed, data cannot be utilized, and maintenance alone is a full-time job."
"Data-driven" strategies essential for DX
Digital transformation requires not only using the latest technology, but also analyzing data and leveraging it for business. You could say that the heart of DX is utilizing data, rather than introducing new technologies. Therefore, "how to manage data" and "how to protect data" are the first and foremost things to consider in implementing full-fledged DX. No matter how modern an IT environment you have, if you lose your essential data or can’t use it freely, you won't be able to make a truly meaningful change.
The first step in implementing DX is cloud backup.
Data protection is the cornerstone and foundation of DX. If you really want to succeed in implementing DX in your company, we recommend that you first work on reforming your backup environment. For the efficient, low-cost, and secure backup essential for DX, cloud backup is the way to go. Tusukaeru Cloud Backup from Tsukaeru.net is a popular solution ideal for digital transformation and DR/BCP countermeasures.
Tsukaeru Cloud Backup is EASY! Protect all data, including the operating system, with a setting time of only 5 minutes. Restoration is also smooth.
Tsukaeru Cloud Backup is SAFE! Double encryption keeps your data secure. The highest-level security measures protect your data and your peace of mind.
Tsukaeru Cloud Backup is LOW COST! The fee structure is simple, starting from 30 yen per day / 0.98 yen per gigabyte. You have the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of PCs and servers according to your needs.
It is a complete cloud system with no appliances needed and no initial cost, so it is very simple to introduce. A free 30-day trial is also available. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.
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Note 1:DX Report: Overcoming of ‘2025 Digital Cliff’ Involving IT Systems and Full-fledged Development of Efforts for DX - Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

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