Why You Should Never Ignore the Threat of Ransomware

By blog Jun 05 2019


A vast range of cyber attacks have been carried out against individuals and businesses in the modern age. Some of the worst to occur in recent years have been ransomware attacks. According to a report by the cybersecurity giant Symantec, the number of ransomware infections has increased every year since 2013. While attacks against individual users have declined since 2018, companies have seen a shocking 12% increase. To ensure everyone is fully informed, we’ll examine the catastrophic results of ransomware and identify potential prevention methods.


Big Companies Have Lost up to 5.6 Billion Yen to Ransomware Damage

It is well-known that ransomware attackers tend to target companies. They are, after all, more likely to pay a higher ransom for their precious data. A recent victim is the Norwegian aluminum manufacturer, Norsk Hydro. They endured a disastrous ransomware attack in March of this year, during which the company’s computer network was paralyzed. The result? An astounding loss of ¥5.6 billion.


What Exactly Happens During a Ransomware Infection?

At the time of infection, all employees will be unable to operate a company computer, and this includes opening files and folders. Instead, a message demanding for ransom will be displayed on the screen. Until it is paid, all work will become suspended. The most troubling possibility, however, is that data will not be recovered even after the ransom is paid. There is no guarantee that attackers will do as they say. In fact, there have been frequent cases where data was not recovered even after paying a hefty sum. For small and medium-sized enterprises, this data loss can ruin chances of business survival.


New Services are Preventing Attackers from Accessing Data

Since threats of ransomware have grown, many new services have begun to offer protection against data hijacking. Features tend to include access log monitoring, firewalls blocking suspicious activity, OS vulnerability detection, and virtual patch protection with no additional cost. Why not defend yourself against potentially irreversible damage and consider these anti-ransomware tools?


Prepare for Every Possible Outcome and Backup Data to the Cloud

It’s vital to take precautionary measures and protect against possible ransomware attacks, but it is equally important to back up our data on a daily basis. Should a ransomware attack occur, having a backup could mean the difference between staying afloat and failure. If attackers hold your data hostage, you won’t have to pay a ransom as long as data is stored elsewhere. Operations can be resumed immediately using your backed up data.


When considering ransomware protection, cloud backups are the most secure solution since they store data on external servers. Take a look at our Tsukaeru Cloud Backup service, fully-equipped with Active Protection, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that safeguards against ransomware attacks. Should any problem arise, data restoration can be completed in just a few minutes.


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