• Cloud Backup
    Cloud Backup

    Cloud Backup

    Protect your data with our affordable backup solution.
    Backup locally and to the cloud, with FREE ransomeware protection.
    ¥33/day ¥1.078/GB(tax included)

Tsukaeru Cloud Backup

Tsukaeru Cloud backup, powered by Acronis Data Cloud, is a fast, scalable and reliable backup solution for files, applications, and complete systems. Along with your data, protect your applications, user accounts and settings, along with the entire OS any PC, Mac or server. Recover faster and to any hardware to minimize your downtime and lost productivity. Off-site backup is the only sure protection against Ransomware attacks that are targeting you today.

Cloud Backup
  • Protect against Ransomware and other data loss due to malware attacks
  • Stress-free backup management that is easy to deploy and scale through a single intuitive web-based console.
  • The confidence to know you are protected against hardware failure and can get back online quickly.
  • Encrypt your stored backups with industry-standard, in-flight and at-rest 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Need to reduce costs from your current cloud backup provider

Key Features



Get complete protected against data loss in less than 5 minutes. Tsukaeru Cloud Backup will save your data safely to our cloud in your preferred location. No other cloud backup offers such complete protection.



With 20 years of experience owning and operating datacenters, our team’s top priority is to keep your data secure. Our ISO27001 certified datacenter facility will store your data.



From just ¥30 per day, or ¥0.98 per GB, cloud backup is now not just an affordable option, but a requirement for any complete data protection strategy.

No expensive appliance required. Free Setup, safe, easy and complete cloud backup data protection!
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Benefits of Tsukaeru Cloud Backup

Cloud Based Complete Data Protection

Cloud-based Complete Data Protection

Don’t waste money on an expensive appliance that you don’t need. Manage all your data in a single pain of glass, significantly reducing the time, effort and cost of maintaining your disaster recovery plan. Tsukaeru Cloud Backup will get you protected, fast and easy and affordable.

Intuitive solution

Intuitive solution

Our control panel does not require technical knowledge to maintain your data protection. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can install our dedicated agent software, one-click to start a daily backup of your entire device. Recovering data is also a breeze, download individual files or folders, or recover your entire system from our online interface. Never waste time and money reinstalling your operating system and applications again!

Intuitive solution
Increased productivity

Increased productivity

We have designed our service to give you the flexibility to configure your data protection policy according to your needs. Backups will run automatically, sending you a daily report so you know you are fully protected at any time. Login via your browser if there is any issues or contact our 24/7 support in the rare case that there is an issue.

19 years experience

19 years experience

Tsukaeru is an accredited ISO27001(ISMS) company. Be assured that your data is secure, and our dedicated operations team will keep you online.

Complete system image backup

Complete system image backup

Most cloud backup solutions will only protect particular folders and file types that you have specified. If you don’t save your data to the correct location, you aren’t protected. Moreover, if you need to replace your machine, you need to reinstall the operating system, configure users, install all the applications you need, find the required license keys and finally recover your data. Let’s hope you remembered to save it in the correct folder.

System image backup will save every file on your system, regardless of location, data type or size. You can restore your entire system to the same, similar or different hardware, or even to a virtual machine. Protecting your data is a given, we also protect your work environment to avoid lost productivity due to hardware failure or malware attacks.

Next Generation Ransomware protection

Next Generation Ransomware protection

Ransomware protection solution “Active Protection” uses machine learning to protect you against the ever-increasing threat of ransomware which standard antivirus software is unable to prevent. Active protection will detect, stop and recover data that has been encrypted by ransomware. Along with your backup, our technology protects against ransomware such as Petya、WannaCry、Osiri and others for free. *Windows only

Trusted Support

Trusted Support

Feel at ease knowing our team of experienced engineers are monitoring all systems 24/7, 365 days a year. Our detailed and accurate monitoring systems enable fast response to any issues, along with regular updates ensure you can use your service, when you need it. In addition, our customer service can be contacted by phone, email or chat to provide advise at any time.



System image or File-backup

While we strongly recommend you use system image backup whenever possible, we also understand this is your choice. Whether you choose to backup your entire machine, or just specific data, files and folders can be downloaded individually from our web-based data recover management console.


Central management

Cloud backup offers enterprise grade functionality for a fraction of the price. Not only do you save on license fees but being able to access your management console wherever you are, and restore data to where you need is the only true complete data protection policy. You won’t need to hire an IT expert just to protect your invaluable data. Set a standardized data backup policy for all workstations and servers, virtual machines and mobile devices in your organization with ease. Create groups of devices in accordance with internal management policies, enabling protection of 1000s of devices in a single service.



All our datacenter facilities are ISO27001 certified, and managed by Tsukaeru.net technical team, with nearly 19 years of experience in operating online services. In Japan, Tsukaeru owns and operates our own facility in Nagano City, away from government-specified high risk earthquake and tsunami zones.


Easy and Fast Recovery

No data protection plan is complete without fast recovery of large amounts of data. Data recovery is free with Tsukaeru Cloud Backup, there are no fees for data download or limits on the speed. Your data is stored on always online, highly-available cloud storage, not “cold storage” like some other providers. Use “Tsukaeru Shuttle” for even faster recovery if you need to recover terabytes or petabytes of data in a hurry.


Big data and unlimited device management

There is no limit to the number of devices you can manage in a single subscription. From smaller backups with a few hundred gigabytes, to many petabytes, we have you covered. Contact our expert data protection sales team to find the plan that best suits your needs. Industry-leading block based eternal incremental backups mean less data and faster backups, lower bandwidth requirements and less effect on your daily tasks.


Multi-cloud, Application and Website Backup

Protect your Microsoft services such as Office 365 and Exchange email, SQL Server, Active Directory (AD) and SharePoint and even your website with granular incremental backup support.


Multiple Locations in Asia

We offer storage in Japan, Singapore, Indonesia and Sydney to best suit your needs. Choose the closest location to your data to ensure you get the fastest transfer speeds for fast backup and recovery. You can choose where you want your data to be backed-up. Your backups are easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR) Service

Tsukaeru Disaster Recovery Sevice, powered by Acronis, is a complete IT business continuity solution that protects, and restores data, servers, or entire data centers suffering from a natural or man-made disaster.

Cloud Backup Disaster recovery service provides a complete secondary infrastructure solution for your business. In the event of a natural disaster, hardware failure or any other outage, you will be able to recover your critical infrastructure within a few minutes.

Disaster recovery for any data
Disaster recovery for any data

Windows or Linux | Any hypervisor | Applications | Multi-cloud

Recover in mintues
Recover in mintues

Whether you need to recover a single file, a database, or an entire server – it is as easy as a push-of-a-button. Add backed up servers to DR quickly and easily.

Complete business data protection
Complete business data protection

On-premise and remote backup plus disaster recovery in a single pane of glass solution.

Save Money
Save Money

No expensive appliance or separate software is required. Installation is quick and easy with very little technical knowledge required.

Recovery in minutes, not days

Normal Circumstance
When Disaster Occur

On-premise and cloud recovery

Recover to Cloud
Recover to Cloud

In the case of a disaster, recover to Tsukaeru’s hosted cloud with the click of button and get back to business.

Recover to On-premise
Recover to On-premiseローカルに復元

Recover your Linux or Windows server to a VMWare node while you waiting to replace your hardware.

DR Demonstration

Tsukaeru DR Cloud

Disaster Recovery(DR)Service


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Diskspace (Storage)

Choose your backup location from Japan, Singapore and Indonesia.

Japan : 1 PC Included
Diskspace (GB) 1 Month 1 Year) 2 Years 3 Years
200 ¥2,178 ¥1,628 ¥1,408 ¥990
500 ¥3,278 ¥2,728 ¥2,068 ¥1,760
1,000 ¥5,478 ¥4,378 ¥3,608 ¥2,640
2,000 ¥7,678 ¥6,028 ¥4,928 ¥4,180
4,000 ¥10,978 ¥8,778 ¥7,128 ¥6,380
10,000 ¥16,280 ¥12,980 ¥11,880 ¥10,780
Singapore/Indonesia : 1 PC Included
Diskspace (GB) 1 Month 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
200 ¥2,728 ¥2,178 ¥1,958 ¥1,540
500 ¥4,928 ¥4,378 ¥3,828 ¥1,980
1,000 ¥7,678 ¥6,578 ¥5,808 ¥4,180
2,000 ¥10,978 ¥9,768 ¥8,668 ¥7,480
4,000 ¥19,580 ¥17,380 ¥15,180 ¥14,080
10,000 ¥31,680 ¥27,280 ¥26,180 ¥25,080
* All prices are tax included
License Options (All regions)
License 1 Month 1 Year 2 Years 3 Yeras
5 PC Pack ¥3,278 ¥2,728 ¥2,178 ¥1,650
5 Mobile devices ¥1,408 ¥1,078 ¥924 ¥858
Office365 5 Mailboxes ¥2,178 ¥1,628 ¥1,408 ¥968
Virtual ServerVM ¥2,178 ¥1,848 ¥1,408 ¥1,078
Server OS ¥10,780 ¥8,580 ¥7,128 ¥5,478
* All prices are tax included

Other options

Tsukaeru Shuttle

Concerned about transferring large amounts of data across the web? Depending on your connectivity, uploading or downloading terabytes of data can take a long time. Our “Tsukaeru Shuttle” allows you to load your securely encrypted data onto a drive that we supply, physically shipping the data to get your protected sooner. If you need to recover a large amount of data, we will ship the data to you overnight, to get you back online! We can migrate any amount of data even if your requirement is in the petabytes.

1 Device/backup 22,000
* All prices are tax included

Data loss is fatal for most businesses.

Case Study : SMB with 15 staff

Company office is flooded due to a nearby river overflowing, making it impossible to continue business. Local backup data was destroyed along with on-premise servers. Office and System Recovery takes up to 1 month, causing a large amount of overtime and sales team unable to gain new business and customer data is lost.

People down





100 hours





¥ 3,000,000

Lost Sales: ¥ 5,000,000

Total Loss: ¥ 8,000,000

We've got you data covered with
Tsukaeru Cloud backup.

As long as you have an offsite backup, you can recover from any natural disaster, breakage, virus or malware, or basic human error. System image backup is the only complete solution for disaster recovery with the ability to recover all data and settings easily. The ability to quickly recovery to different hardware is an essential feature, not an added option. Get back on line faster with Tsukaeru Cloud Backup.

SMB With 15 staff(15 PCs/Macs ) ※ 3 year subscrpition

1 TB : ¥2,640

5 PC Pack : 1,650

¥1,650 X 3 Packs = ¥4,950

Tsukaeru Cloud Backup Total cost

Total: ¥7,590/Mth
(tax included)

¥33/day ¥1.078/GB

(tax included)

Why Tsukaeru?


Data Center

Data Center

19 years in business
Tsukaeru is an accredited ISO27001(ISMS) company. Be assured that your data is secure, and our dedicated operations team will keep you online.


Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Fully trained cloud professionals
We won’t take any chances when it comes to keeping your data secure. We are fully compliant with ISO27001 standards, protecting your data by all means possible. Our highly trained professionals with many years of experience in operating not just our networks, but the systems and data that reside on them.


Customer Service

Customer Service

Help when you need it
Our dedicated customer service staff are ready via phone, email, or live chat to assist you when you need it. We offer service level agreements and managed services to meet every need. Stay online, all the time with Tsukaeru.

Case Study

Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology (SIST)

SIST implemented Tsukaeru Cloud Backup as it's primary data protection solution. We asked Mizuno-san about his experience.Case Studies


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