Reasons Why Tsukaeru Cloud Backup is

Suitable for a wide range of business
applications and situations.

The Tsukaeru Cloud Backup provides backup and other capabilities such as

integrating with other technologies and solutions to help you use and protect your data.

Allowing you to access your data during normal and emergency operations without interruptions.

94% of business usually go bankrupt within two years after losing their inhouse data.

Prioritize protecting your data to ensure business continuity.

* From Texas State University Survey Report

Fast restore with image backup

Our cloud backup uses an image backup that guarantees fast restore.

In case you lose data, quickly restore from the image backup and

resume your normal business operations with minimum downtime.


Back up your entire system as an image, including all apps, files, user accounts, settings, and even your operating system. With regular file backups, you can only restore files after installing the OS on a new machine and reinstalling the required applications. The image backup saves you a lot of time since it contains all the applications and data files.

Highest level of security

Also adopted by the U.S. military


The highest level of security, similar to what the US military uses, is applied before uploading files. All file transfers are also protected by AES-256. Even on the server side, it is securely encrypted with AES-256. Our cloud backup complies with all laws and regulations regarding the secure processing, transfer and storage of data (including 3 copies of data, 1 inhoue and 2 in different locations).

Backup function list

  • Workstation, server backup
  • Virtual machine backup
  • File-by-file backup
  • Image backup
  • Application backup
    (Microsoft365、Google Workspace、Microsoft Exchange、Microsoft SQL server)
  • Network share backup
  • Backup to local storage
  • Backup to cloud storage
  • Disaster recovery (test failover)
  • Microsoft SQL Server with Microsoft Exchange Cluster environment support *
  • Oracle DB *
  • SAP HANA *
  • Continuous Data Protection(CDP) *
  • Data protection map (check protection status by file type) *
  • Notarization *
Those marked * are optional.
Phone: (+81)3-4590-8198

Data backup is one of the
most important processes in Business
Continuity Planning (BCP)

Disaster recovery (DR) Service


In the event of a disaster, you can instantly switch from a backup image to a virtual machine in the cloud. It is an effective solution for business continuity planning because it protects your data more reliably without stopping your operations in case of an emergency. With a regular backup plan, disaster recovery for "test failover" is available free of charge.

Normal operations


By taking a differential backup every day, you create an up-to-date restore copy on a standby virtual environment or data center.

When a failure occurs


Natural disasters such as
floods and earthquakes


Damage such as
viruses and unauthorized access


Damage caused by
system and human factors

Restore your data with the
touch of a button


In the event of a failure, just switch to the standby environment with just a few clicks. The only additional cost is the uptime of the recovery data server.

Protects the server from unauthorized
access, cyber attacks, viruses, etc.

Secure data protection "Active protection"


"Active protection" is an artificial intelligence AI-based technology that protects data from ransomware attacks. It quickly detects suspicious modifications to files, backup data, and software. The solution protects your important data by blocking attacks, and quickly recovering from security and other incidences. The results have been proven against particularly devastating ransomware attacks.

It also protects your system and data from the latest ransomware such as LockBit, Conti and BlackCat, making it very useful in identifying attacks from known as well as unknown ransomware.

Excellent Security Features

Identifying Defense Detection Managing Restoration
tsukaeru Automatic virus scanning tsukaeru Remote installation of agents tsukaeru Malware protection tsukaeru Patch management tsukaeru Backup for forensics
Vulnerability diagnosis Backup Ransomware defense Malware quarantine Remote desktop
Data protection map Disaster recovery HDD health diagnosis Recovery with bootable media Backup and disaster recovery

List of security features

  • Vulnerability diagnosis
  • Ransomware countermeasure function Active protection
  • Antivirus & antimalware, exploit prevention, URL filtering
  • Forensic mode backup*
  • Backup data malware scan *
  • Safe recovery *
  • White list *
Those marked with * are optional.
Phone: (+81)3-4590-8198

Centrally manage all devices in the
company from the administrator account.
You can also change the settings remotely,
- saving time and money.


By understanding the status of applications, systems, and data on devices used by employees, administrators can change settings on the web management screen. This allows you to improve the devices environment, quickly respond when there is an issue and improve operations efficiency.

List of management functions

  • Device group management
  • Centralized management
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Remote Desktop & Remote Assistance
  • Hardware inventory
  • Forensic mode backup *
  • Backup data malware scan *
  • Safe recovery*
Those marked with * are optional.

Since you can start and use your company's computer from wherever you are, it is
also ideal for remote working.


By installing Tsukaeru remote control in your office, you can turn on your office computer from your home PC, which is very convenient. Combined with the remote desktop connection function of cloud backup, remote work from home to office PC is possible. There is no need for complex settings, such as changing the firewall configurations or establishing a VPN tunnel in your office.

Conditions for using remote control

  • A wake on Lan (WoL) compatible computer
  • Your PC is connected via a wired LAN
The remote control is optional.
Phone: (+81)3-4590-8198

Functions list

Function Standard features / options
Backup Workstation, server backup(Windows、Linux、Mac) Standard feature
Virtual machine backup Standard feature
File-by-file backup Standard feature
Image backup Standard feature
Application backup:Microsoft 365、G Suite、Microsoft Exchange、 Microsoft SQL、Microsoft SharePoint Standard feature
Network share backup Standard feature
Backup to local storage Standard feature
Backup to cloud storage Standard feature
Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Cluster environment support Advanced backup
Oracle DB Advanced backup
SAP HANA Advanced backup
Continuous Data Protection(CDP): Continuous data protection Advanced backup
Data protection map (confirmation of protection status by file type) Advanced backup
DR (Disaster Recovery) Separate option
Security Vulnerability diagnosis Standard feature
Ransomware protection function Active protection Standard feature
Antivirus & Antimalware, Exploit Prevention, URL Filtering Standard feature
Advanced antivirus & antimalware, exploit prevention, URL filtering Advanced security
Forensic mode backup Advanced security
Backup data malware scan Advanced security
Safe recovery Advanced security
White list Advanced security
Protection Management
Device group management Standard feature
Centralized management Standard feature
Dashboards and reports Standard feature
Remote Desktop & Remote Assistance Standard feature
Hardware inventory Standard feature
Patch management Advanced management
HDD and SSD health check (failure prediction)) Advanced management
Software inventory Advanced management
Remote control Separate option

We will support your company to efficiently deploy and use our services.

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Emergency Services

Emergency support services available 24/7 to address server problems arising from hardware failures



Basic information, queries and answers on how to set up and use the Tsukaeru cloud backup service.


tsukaeru Cloud backup that can be used,
You can choose from a variety of plans to suit
your needs and capacity.

Basic options
Contract period
Additional License
Approximate estimated price
0 Yen
breakdown Basic charge 0 Yen
Disaster recovery 0 Yen
Additional License 0 Yen

* Please feel free to contact us for the price of 10TB or more.

* The price includes tax.

* Services available only after full payment.

* Disaster recovery includes points for test failover.

Phone: (+81)3-4590-8198
  • Cloud backup is a long-term investment.
  • I think it is difficult to make a decision based only on site information and sales talks.
  • The feeling of operation and usability can be judged by thoroughly trying it. that's why,
  • "Tsukaeru Cloud Backup" offers a 30-day trial period.


  • A.Yes. You can try it for free for 30 days.
  • A.Initially, a complete backup is taken. Afterward, an incremental backup is done to add new data to the existing cloud backup.
    If you want to save to a local network drive, you can choose between incremental backup and differential backup.
    This allows you to use your storage efficiently.
  • A.Yes. It can be set easily from the intuitive web management screen.
    This includes backup target, backup destination, when and how to back up, retention period, encryption, etc.
  • A.You can save it indefinitely within the storage limits.
    It is also possible to automatically delete past backups by setting the retention period.
  • A.It is stored in our high performance data center (Nagano).
    Depending on the settings, you can also save to your HDD or NAS.
    We also have plans to back up to overseas bases (Singapore). Please feel free to contact us..
  • A.Yes. It is possible.
    A server version license or a PC version may be required depending on the NAS type and service.
  • A.Encryption setting: Encryption when communicating to the cloud is encrypted using SSL.
    You can also set AES-256 encryption settings for backup files stored in the cloud.
    Data center: In addition to ISO27001 (ISMS) certified thorough security measures, redundant network and power, etc., we provide highly reliable, stable and cost-efficient backup services.

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