Unlimited Number of Users

Unlimited Number of Users

The price is the same whether you have 100 or 1000, or more users. Even if you are many, or have additional employees, you don't have to worry about billing based on the number of users or licenses. Also, an advanced and flexible folder access controls allows you securely exchange data with people outside the company.

Easy to use and no need for Training or Additional Software

Easy to use and no need for Training or Additional Software

You do not need additional software manage the cloud files, nor train your users. You can simply use the standard file Explorer function in Windows, or the Finder on the Mac. As such, you will not incur additional costs. Generally, You can upload, download, and share files the same way you are used to on your standard computer.

High functionality but low price. And a full amount money back guarantee!

High functionality but low price. And a full amount money back guarantee!

To meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies within their budgets, we offer affordable services with flexible disk capacity and payment plans. Also, you can subscribe to our annual plan, which is even more cost-effective than the monthly plans. You can also increase the disk capacity as your company and data volumes grow.

(Additional storage amount 1TB 6,800 yen/month, 7,480 yen incl. tax)

The yearly subscription also comes with a full amount money-back guarantee, which allows you to cancel a subscription and request a refund at any time during the initial contract period. We are so confident to provide you "Tsukaeru Filebox", please try it out!




(21,780 Yen / month including tax)

For corporations / Converted Monthly Payment / Capacity 1TB / Unlimited number of users

Free Trial

(18,480 Yen / month including tax)

For corporations / Converted Monthly Payment / Capacity 1TB / Unlimited number of users

Free Trial

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inquiries about our products.


Click here for details on the physical delivery option "Shuttle", which is convenient for uploading large amounts of data.
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  Tsukaeru FileBox Option A Option B Option C Option D



Monthly (tax included) *18,480 Yen 1,881 Yen / user 13,200 Yen 33,000 Yen 66,000 Yen
Contract terms Unlimited number of users 3 or more users For 10 users Unlimited number of users For 10 users
Fee structure Capacity billing User billing User billing Capacity billing Capacity billing
Storage capacity 1TB No charge 1GB 500GB 100GB
Money-back guarantee - - - -

Ease of use

File operations on the desktop - -
File versioning
Edit lock
Edit Office files in your browser - - -
File search
File size limit None 5GB 2GB 5GB 60GB
Smartphone app(Android&iOS) iOS Only supported -


ID/Password authentication
2 FA (two-factor authentication)
Encrypted communication
Data center location Local Outside of Japan Japan Japan & overseas Japan

*Monthly unit price at the time of 1-year contract

Organize your company's data and easily share it with the people who need it,
hence improve operations and efficiency.

Construction industry

Easily access all the office documents or upload files while in the field. Save the time you would have spent going back to the office, hence increase your work efficiency.

Construction industry
Improve work efficiency and reduce long working hours

Your data will be stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere, and from any device. You can share and check documents uploaded at the headquarters while at the construction site. Or, you can share data with your business partners by simply saving photos taken at the site to the cloud-shared folder. Timely access to information will transform and optimize the way you work.

Easily exchange large files

You no longer need to go through the hassle of splitting a large file into multiple files or attaching password-protected ZIP file to emails. There's no file size limit for the Tsukaeru FileBox. You can upload large files without worrying about size.

Eliminate use of USB drives and enhance your company's data safety and security

Storing data on USB drives and other portable media increases the data loss risks due to as misplacement, physical damage or lost devices. However, the Tsukaeru FileBox cloud storage is highly secure and safe, hence an ideal solution that eliminates potential data loss or theft risks while providing you with the portability you require.

Design industry

Customize the data sharing method for each business partner.

Design industry
Eliminate the hassle of collaborating with multiple companies

Want to share data with the business partners easily? Although it is risky to open your file server to the outside due to security issues, with Tsukaeru FileBox, your data's security will be assured. You can create a shared folder for each business partner, and set flexible user permissions and access restrictions for each user/role.

Easy-to-use shared folders for partner companies

In Tsukaeru FileBox, there are two ways to share files. For frequent business partners, create a shared folder and configure the users who should have access. Afterwards, use the standard desktop file operations to safe the data you want to share in the shared folder. Once you've done that, send an email or chat message to respective users to inform them that you have uploaded the data. Alternatively, you could schedule the uploads to a certain date and time that users are aware of. This will free you from the step of sending emails with password-protected ZIP attachments.

For temporary business partners, send a "shareable link".

The second way to share files with others. For communication with companies and personnel that you don't always have business with, create a temporary "shareable link". It's simple to use that you select "Create Shareable Link" from the right-click context menu. Just paste the created link on to an email, chat, or the like, the other party can download the data from the link. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the capacity of your mailbox or limit. "Shareable link" can also have passwords and expiration dates.

Manufacturing industry

Eliminate the need for a bigger inhouse server, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

Manufacturing industry
Significantly reduce management costs

By switching to cloud storage, you save on the cost of servers, space, electricity, and labor required to operate and maintain an in-house servers.

Reduce the risk of disasters

Operating your in-house servers exposes you to natural disasters such as earthquakes, flooding and others. However, with Tsukaeru FileBox, you data resides on in a well-equipped disaster-proof data centre in Japan and be safe.

Add storage capacity instantly.

When you are operating your in-house server and run out of drive capacity, it takes a lot of money, human resources, and time to order and install the new drive. With Tsukaeru FileBox, simply enter the amount of drive capacity you need from the management panel, and you can start using it immediately.

Reliable security management

Only users with administrative permissions can check who uploaded, downloaded, or viewed what files. With the advantage of the unlimited number of users of the Tsukaeru FileBox, it is easy to manage logs and other data by giving access permissions to each employee.

Distribution and retail industry

Reduce time wastage, human resource and equipment costs while improving efficiency.

Distribution and retail industry
Easy to set custom access permissions for each user

You can limit the permissions/roles for each folder such as "Director, Manager, General Employee" or "Branch A, Branch B". And this can apply to a variety of situations. It can also be combined with other settings such as "read-only, write and read" permissions to expand the scope of use for your business partners.

Save time looking for paper documents.

Just saving time looking for information can improve your work efficiency. The difference between manually searching for a single document from a huge number of materials and simply entering the text in the search window on a computer is obvious to anyone even if they are not familiar with computers. Reducing the number of paper documents also has benefits such as reducing papers, shelves for storage, and space for shelving.

Prevents accidental sending of files

I accidentally sent the wrong invoice data over Email! If you notice it right away, but once you have attached it to an outgoing email, you will have to ask the person to delete the file. If you send a shareable link with cloud storage, you can simply revoke the link to make it impossible to view the data, in case you need to.

Use the synchronization function save your computer's disk space

Do you really need all that data that is currently squeezing your computer's capacity "now"? You can save computer space simply by switching past data or data with a limited number of views to cloud storage. "Always sync" the necessary files / folders, "download" and save only the necessary data. You can set how many days the data once downloaded will be saved on your computer. Easy-to-understand icon display shows downloaded files, synchronized files, and files saved in the cloud at a glance.

Hospitality industry

Easy to use without requiring additional training

Hospitality industry
Easy to use

The easy to use file sharing solution hence improving employee productivity and efficienty.

Similar to using a normal computer, hence easy to use by users with avereage IT skills

Tsukaeru FileBox can be used in the same way as you open, manage and use folders on your computer. Even the shortcut keys for copying, pasting, and dragging and dropping files are the same. You can save and share data to the cloud just by doing the same operations as usual.

Easily and quickly share word, excel and other data files

You can update, save, and share your word, excel and other data without any special operations.

File Operations on the Desktop
File Operations on the Desktop

You can use Finder / Explorer for file operations as you normally would on a standard computer.

Save Disk Space on your Computer
Save Disk Space on your Computer

Save disk space on your computer or device by selecting and downloading only the data that you need.

Active Directory Integration
Active Directory Integration

Reduce administrators troublesome work by remote and centralized ID / Password management.

Create Shareable Download Links
Create Shareable Download Links

Create a shared link using the right-click menu, share the link, and check the download history.

Mobile Devices File Sharing
Mobile Devices File Sharing

Easily and quickly share data between mobile devices in the field and computer systems in the office.

Set Different Permissions
Set Different Permissions

Assign different role-based permissions for users, hence make it easier to manage shared information.

File Version Control
File Version Control

Restore upto 1000 previous file versions.

Upload Scanned Images
Upload Scanned Images

Automatically uploads scanned data from multifunction devices, scanners and FAXes to Tsukaeru FileBox (paid option).

Administrator Functions
  • ・User settings
  • ・Group settings
  • ・Check accessed services and devices used
  • ・Blocking access from specific devices
  • ・Check login history
  • ・Setting the number of days to save logs (up to 999 days)
  • ・Managing sharing Controls and permissions
  • ・Manage user activity log
Data Protection
  • ・Data storage location in Japan (Nagano)
  • ・File recovery (unlimited capacity, up to 999 days)
  • ・Password protection for shareable links
  • ・Expiration date setting for shareable links
  • ・Remote deletion of data on devices
  • ・Unlimited file upload size
  • ・By phone
  • ・By chat
  • ・By Email (accepted 24 hours a day)
  • ・24/7 Emergency support services
  • ・Available in Japanese and English
Advanced Security Measures
Secure cloud storage

Secure cloud storage

Secure data storage location over the internet

Secure internal and external file sharing

Secure internal and external file sharing

Safe file sharing service

AES256 bit encryption

AES256 bit encryption

Uses the highest-strength encryption algorithm

Two-factor authentication settings

Two-factor authentication settings

Login password + Google authentication system or email system

In-server secret key support

In-server secret key support

(Private key of public key cryptography)

SSL-enabled web control panel

SSL-enabled web control panel

Encryption of data communication between web server and browser

Bulk file recovery

Bulk file recovery

Countermeasures against ransomware (a virus that turns your data unusable without your permission and demands a ransom for recovery)

Remote wipe / remote data deletion

Remote wipe / remote data deletion

Remote data deletion

ISO Data Center

ISO Data Center

International Standardization Organization certified

Audit Reports

Audit Reports

Creates enhanced log monitoring reports

Log monitoring

Log monitoring

Delete history, upload history, and login history for each user.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

Complies with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Tsukaeru FileBox is suitable for a wide range of small and medium-sized companies in all industries.

Users' Voices

Easy-to-use and simplicity were

the key factors in the decision to deploy

Tsukaeru Filebox.

Matsushiro Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Electronic components manufacturing / Number of employees: 111)

I have tried various cloud-based storage services, and what sets Tsukaeru FileBox apart for others is its ease of use for small and medium companies. My main concern was whether the complex services that major companies use would easily fit our unique requirements. Amongst the options available, Tsukaeru FileBox was the best in terms of simplicity and ease of use. We keep our data and logs for the accounting, general affairs, and quality assurance in Tsukaeru FileBox. With three divisions, two at the head office and the other at a factory in another location, we used to store the quality assurance data locally and separately - making it difficult to exchange and manage. Also, we had some problems with backups and time wastage. Luckily, we understood the challanges we needed to be resolve. After getting the cloud-based Tsukaeru FileBox, everything became a whole lot easier. In the future, I plan to expand this more throughout the company and put various kinds of drawings and the like in FileBox.

Users' Voices

Inexpensive and convinient to use file

storage and sharing service.

Easy to use

Trust Tech Co., Ltd. (IT service / 20 employees)

 There are a variety of cloud storage options, but I felt that most of them are not good because of their small capacity and higher costs. Tsukaeru FileBox originally comes with 1TB storage, which was enough for us. Our engineers are often stationed at customers' sites, so it's nice to be able to view files from anywhere. In the past, we had to send/receive emails with attached documents, then go back to the office to view the files. But now it is much more convenient. It saves travel time and transportation costs by allowing us to work from home or on the road, instead of going back to the office to submit a work schedule. Also, we no longer have lost files. If someone deletes a file by mistake, FileBox will keep the history so we can recover it. In addition, it's very easy to use and collaborate with others. While other services only allow users to log in with their own company's IDs, FileBox allows us to assign IDs not only to our company but also to our business partners.

Message from the CEO

Highly recommended for companies introducing cloud file sharing services for the first time,
and small/medium-sized businesses looking for cost effective solutions.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for an overwhelming share of the Japanese industry, and it is a fact that SMEs play a significant role in the Japanese economy. I think it will bea big loss to the Japanese economy if SMEs are unable to move their file servers to the cloud due to lack of funds, which large companies can afford. Any loss or breach of data caused by weak security or disaster can disrupt a company's activity. For more than 20 years, we, Tsukaeru.net have been serving our customers with "Tsukaeru file sharing services. Throughout our 20 years of working with customers, our principle has always been to satisfy our customers with a balance of complete functionality, stability, and affordable prices. Based on this principle, we deliver uncompromising services to our customers, even when there are financial or technical barriers. Tsukaeru FileBox has an unlimited number of users. With this capacity and price, we hope that you will use our services and add a valuable asset to your company.

Message from the CEO

We will support your company to deploy and use our services efficiently.

Help is Ready

By Phone

By Phone

For any questions or concerns about your contract status, billing, or services, please feel free to contact us

By Email

By Email

We also accept inquiries and support requests via e-mail.

By Chat

By Chat

You can also chat with our support teams to quickly resolve any problems



Emergency Services

Emergency support services available 24/7 to address server problems arising from hardware failures



Basic information, queries and anwers on how to set up and use the Tsukaeru FileBox service.

  • Since a cloud file service is a long-term relationship,
  • we think it is difficult to decide on such an important thing just based on information on a website or just a little chat with a salesperson.
  • We think the feeling of operation and usability can be judged by trying it out thoroughly. That is
  • That is why we offer a 14-day trial period for the "Tsukaeru FileBox".
  • A.Below is an estimate
  • ・About 1 million in office files (1MB)
  • ・About 250,000 in photos (4MB each)
  • ・About 100,000 files in 1-minute video capture (10MB each)
  • A.The Business Plan already includes 1TB of capacity.。
  • You can add unlimited capacity if you wish.
  • The monthly charge is 6,800 JPY (7,480 JPY w/tax) per 1TB.
  • You can check your current usage from the right-click > properties or the settings screen of the menu icon.
  • A.Yes. Whether you create 100 users or 1000 users, the price is the same and there is no additional charge for more users.
  • A.Yes. You can restore from saved versions.
  • The user can configure the number of versions to be saved, from 0 to 999.
  • And deleted data will be stored for seven days. Please restore the data within seven days.
  • Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information.
  • A.Yes. You can configure the number of days to save a file on the local folder (on your computer) (0 days to forever).
  • After a set number of days, unused files will only be stored in the cloud,
  • thus saving your local disk space.
  • A.You can use following two methods。
  • ・From the web control panel:
  • ・Install the software (client) on your computer
  • In the latter case, you can save files by simply dragging and dropping them in Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) and delete them by keyboard operation,
  • just like using an external hard disk.
  • A.The following two data sharing methods are available. Both allow you to share data easily.
  • ・Create a shared folder and save data in the folder.
  • Recommended: Used in-house or at affiliated companies with frequent transactions
  • ・Create a shared link from the right-click menu
  • Recommendation: Business partners who exchange data infrequently, etc.
  • A.Two-factor authentication, AES 256-bit encryption (a high-strength encryption algorithm), and an ISO-certified data center ensure the security of your data.
  • With administrator permissions, you can view each user's file upload and download history, shareable link creation history, and others
  • There is an audit report log monitoring functions that allows you to view download history, shared link creation history, etc.
  • We also provide a custom dedicated environment upon request.
  • A.A full amount money-back guarantee comes with a yearly subscription and we guarantee that yearly subscribers can cancel the subscription and request full amount refund anytime in the first contract period (excluding setup fee of options). Eligible customers are new Filebox. For details on cancellation and refund requests, please refer to this FAQ article (in Japanese).
  • A.Filebox SLA (Service Level Agreement) is a guarantee system that defines the level of service quality and allows service users to receive service credits as specified in the Filebox SLA in the unlikely event that service quality falls below this level. For more information, please refer to the "Filebox SLA" tab of the Terms of Use.
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We hope that you will find the best service for your company.

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