By Yukie oi Jan 01 2020

share-blog supports Yayasan Peduli Anak which is a Dutch-Indonesian non-profit organization for child welfare in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia dedicated to providing family-like care, education, in-home family care, medical and legal support to thousands of underprivileged, neglected and abused children who have been placed in their care by the Indonesian child social services.

By the end of 2019 Yayasan Peduli Anak transitioned fully to family-like care when the last group of children moved into their new home.  They now have 14 family like houses for maximum 10 children per house. In the family home, the children are being taken care of by a mother figure, mimicking a real family enviroment. With this living arrangement, they can truly help children who have experenced trauma early in life.
They believe by providing theire children a safe home, healthy life, quality education and most importantly love, Yayasan Peduli Anak encourage children to develop to their ful potential and work towards positive changes in their life and others. Yayasan Peduli Anak holistic approach covers all the children needs at a very high quality.

This approach also let them to build and start a middle school (or junior high school). The Shri Shastry middle school enables them to offer theire children a continued quality educational program.