news-details - Cashback Campaign! Premium Support 50%OFF

  • For every customer of Tsukaeru cloud VPS, cloud server, and dedicated server!

 During the campaign period, you will get 50% cashback for subscribing "Premium Support" for the first time.
  • What is Premium Support?

 We give you the administrator authority for the contract of cloud VPS, Tsukaeru cloud server, and dedicated server.
By this, you can customize the server internally freely. But, you will need to do the maintenance management of each application and investigation by yourself.
Subscribe to premium support now! By subscribing to premium support, every technical problem with the server will be done by us. Our Technicians will log into your server and perform the necessary investigations.
Please check this link for more details:
※If work such as changing server settings is required to solve the problem a proxy work fee will be charged separately.
  • Regular Price (1 server contract)

Premium Support Campaign Price
1-month  5,000 円 2,500円
1-year   48,000 円 (per month pay 4,000 円) 24,000円
2-years   72,000 円 (per month pay 3,000 円) 36,000円

Campaign period 2019/7/16(Tue)~8/31日(Sat)
Eligible for: cloud VPS, Tsukaeru cloud server, and dedicated server Premium Support.
  • "Cashback Campaign - Premium Support 50%OFF" terms and condition

・ Campaign period:  2019/7/16(Tue)~8/31日(Sat)
・By subscribing to Premium Support、you will get 50% cashback to your account.
・If you are interested in subscribing; please contact our customer support via email or phone first.
※We will create a premium support order for you. After the confirmation, we will cashback 50% of the total amount to you. The cashback will be added to your control panel account, so please check after the confirmation.
・The price will be regular after the next update (cashback still can be used anytime).
・ Premium support is based on the server contract term and can not be canceled prematurely.
※ The account balance can be used for future server renewal expenses.
Also, there are no account balance expiration dates.

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