New Service Released! Specialized WordPress Hosting from

Create and operate your WordPress site has never been this easier!

On August 20, 2019, released a new service that can help you set up and manage your WordPress website or blog hosting much easier than before.

A one-stop service, from WordPress installation to the maintenance
Our new service is an easy and simple payment service dedicated to the WordPress website. By using this service, you will always be able to use WordPress installation, setup, and deployment with simple operations. We also can help you with migration, please contact us for further information.

Reliable and high-speed SSD server with 20 years of server business history
The powerful WordPress will be combined with the best server's service from us, a company with 20 years of server operation in Japan and now expanding across the APAC region. We monitor the security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, boasting an extremely high stable operation rate. Even if there is a lot of access to your WordPress site at the same time, it will not slow down the access speed. Also, because most of our servers now are using SSD storage, the loading time will be very fast.

70% discount on your first order
There are three types of plans for this new service: WordPress Eco, WordPress Pro, and WordPress Max. Each price and features are shown as follows. There is no initial fee for using this service. Furthermore, during the initial application period, the monthly fee will be 70% off (so you can save more by signing for a longer period contract).

WordPress Eco: 1,480 yen per month (440 yen per month during initial contract period), 20 GB capacity, up to 2 websites
WordPress Pro: ¥ 3,780 / month (¥ 1,130 / month during initial contract), 50GB capacity, up to 5 websites
WordPress Max: ¥ 7,180 / month (¥ 2,150 / month during the initial contract period), 100GB capacity, up to 10 websites

You can easily introduce your own domain and guard it with SSL
With this service, it is possible to easily enhance the functions of the WordPress site by smoothly linking with other services that can be used. A new website can have a new unique domain, and SSL can be installed on the control panel for all plans.

In addition, using a powerful spam mail filter “Tsukaeru Mail Buster” and a cloud-type WAF “Tsukaeru Waffle” that protects the site from various web attacks will also provide stronger security measures.

Many of these useful collaboration services are available at no additional charge when you subscribe to Pro or Max Plan. In Pro Plan, SSL certificate (Comodo Essential) and usable Waffle are free, and in Max Plan, SSL certificate (Comodo Essential), usable Waffle, usable mail buster and backup are free. If you apply for Max Plan with a contract period of 1 year or more, a free domain will be included for you.

WordPress Hosting also includes a webmail service called Roundcube. Roundcube is easy-to-use webmail that supports drag-and-drop operations and message search. When you sign for this service, you can easily create a Roundcube email account from the control panel.

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