[Important] Notice of price Revision to Plesk license

Dear customers, 
Thank you for using 

Regarding "Plesk license," the price of Plesk license will be raised due to the decision made by the provider, Plesk.

We have been making adjustments so as not to affect our customers as much as possible and tried to maintain prices.
However, we are obliged to offer Plesk licenses at new raised prices to new customers.As for existing customers, we also reluctantly offer the licenses at new prices from the time of next license renewal.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause to our customers and are grateful to have your understanding as well as continued patronage.

■ Plesk license price
New prices (excluding tax)
Web Admin Edition(10 domains)              : 1,080 yen
Web Pro Edition(30 domains)                   : 1,680yen
Web Host Edition(100, unlimited domain) : 2,980 yen
Dedicated server Web Admin Edition         : 1,080 yen
Dedicated server Web Pro Edition             : 1,680yen
Dedicated server Web Host Edition           : 5,500 yen 

■ Target plans
・ VPS Windows
・ VPS Linux
・ Tsukaeru Cloud
・ Dedicated server
* Plesk is not provided for FX-VPS, so this price revision is not applied.

■ Contact us
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                       For mobile phones: 03-4590-8198
                      (Reception hours: Weekdays 10: 00-17: 00)