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User Approval about Domain registry, transfer, change whois information

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Registrar Accreditation Agreement has been updated by ICANN.


Whois Accuracy Program Specification


In this regard, Domain Confirmation mail will be received from Domain registrar to domain registrant email address. (January, 2014)


Please approve domain confirmation mail from domain registrar in future.


Also, please make sure that your domain registrant Email address is proper and possible to receive mails.

Please check your whois information with this following URL.




Or please ask our support center.

≪Target Customers≫

■Customers who purchase new domains in

■Customers who transfer domains from another hosting company to


* Except JP domains

* Customers who contract Windows FX plan does not include this.


You have registered one or more domains and verification of the registrant email address is required for

these domain names to remain active.

You have a 15 days window from the time  of the original registration to verify  the email address.

After 15 days, the domain names will be suspended until  the email email address is verified.


Also, Upper domain registrar will send your domain registrant email address based on ICAAN policy.


・Please check the notification email.



Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Thank you,


January 20th, 2014 support