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【】Access MetaTrader4 from your mobile phone browser

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【】Access MetaTrader4 from your mobile phone browser
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From June 21st is starting to provide [MetaTrader4 Keitai Manager] as an additional option to FX Windows VPS
【What is MetaTrader4 Keitai Manager?】
「MetaTrader4 Keitai Manager」is a MetaTrader4 management software developed in collaboration with Microsoft Japan that allows veiwing meta trader position, confirm account balance, calculate the position in case of emergencies and complete the sales automatically from a browser on a mobile or smart phone.
When chosen as an option with FX Windows VPS it is installed automatically.
For existing customers with FX Windows VPS it is available as an upgrade from control panel > billing > manage subscriptions>subscription ID > resource upgrade for「metatrader_keitaimanager_2008r2-1.0」
Please note that this option is only available for VPS with Windows Server 2008 R2 OS.
A version compatible with Windows server 2003 and 2008 OS is still under development, so please wait until we inform you of the release.
Any mobile/smart phone which allows opening PC browser
Available to the customers with FX Windows VPS subscripiton
【Main functions】
・Confirm/delete position information
・Check closed positions
・Confirm account information (account balance and effective margin)
・Emergency stop MetaTrader4
▽ For more information on「MetaTrader4 Keitai Manager」please see the web site 
▽You can find metatrader keitaimanager manual on the following URL
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