Advantages of Cloud VPS and Easy-to-use “Plesk” Web Hosting Control Panel


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By blog Dec 11 2019


Servers are indispensable for building websites and other systems. There are two main types of servers: a “dedicated server” that occupies the entire physical server, and a “shared server” that shares a single server with multiple users. Recently, “Cloud VPS” has attracted attention as a third option.
What is Cloud VPS?
Cloud VPS is a popular hosting service now called a “virtual private server.” While comparable to a shared server having multiple users of a single server, it uses virtual technology to create a highly flexible environment similar to a dedicated server. “Cloud VPS” is an upgrade from the regular VPS of the past that did not include a highly available environment that prevents long outages due to physical server crashes or failure, that could lead to hours of downtime.
In the case of shared hosting, the operating system, memory, software and all other resources. are shared by a large number of users. Although this offers the benefit of lower costs, its use can be easily affected by other users’ resource usage, and performance tends to be affected. Limited customization is also another drawback.
On the other hand, with Cloud VPS, the same hardware is utilized, but each user’s usage area is separated by virtualization technology. Memory is allocated independently, and the OS can be different, as well. As a result, stable performance can be secured regardless of other users, and flexible customization is possible similar to a dedicated server.
Advantages of using Cloud VPS
The greatest advantage of Cloud VPS is a flexible and stable server environment that is similar to a dedicated server at a low price as low as a shared server.
With Cloud VPS, it is possible to choose your favorite OS (Linux or Windows), as well as freely install applications and customize OS settings and functions.
As mentioned above, Cloud VPS are not affected by other users accessing the same hardware. Therefore, there is almost no possibility of the “bad neighbor” problems that tend to occur with shared servers, such as slow website operation due to excessive server load caused by other users hosted on the same environment.
Plesk is easy to use even with zero experience
Although Cloud VPS has many benefits, one weak point is that it can be difficult to use without specialized knowledge of server operations (such as command line operations). Unlike shared servers, Cloud VPS offers a high degree of freedom, but without a certain level of knowledge and skills, it is often underutilized.
The easy-to-use management tool “Plesk” has solved this problem. Once installed, Plesk provides an intuitive visual interface that is easy for beginners to understand. Cloud VPS can be managed, operated, and customized with simple mouse operation in your browser. In other words, Cloud VPS can be operated as easily as using the settings screen of a computer or the management screen of a blog.
With Tsukaeru Cloud VPS, the latest version of Plesk can be installed, allowing even beginners to implement server management. Our full support system is also a very popular option.
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