Cloud-based Solutions For Natural Disaster Preparation Planning


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By blog Aug 19 2020


You may have noticed an increase in the frequency of natural disasters of the past few years. As the number of disasters grows every year due to climate change and other factors, small and medium-sized businesses are entering a phase where they need to be more seriously prepared.
Increasing occurrence of floods are a potential risk to businesses
Last month’s torrential downpours in Kumamoto are a recent reminder of one of the most damaging natural disasters of all. As a result, at the end of this month, the consideration of “flood risk” will be added to the “important matters” explanatory documents which are mandatory in the real estate purchasing process.
Record-breaking downpours occur in many areas every year, and in many cases, local small- and medium-sized businesses have been flooded and severely affected. Flooding is a potential risk that businesses need to seriously consider where and when it might happen.
Now is the time to use the cloud to build a disaster-resistant company
The cloud is an effective way to mitigate any damage to your office or servers from natural disaster damage. By routinely storing your files in the cloud, you can quickly resume operations because your data is protected in a remote, secure data center even if your physical assets are compromised.
Also, if your business data is in the cloud, you can smoothly switch to remote work and continue your operations from a safe location. Promoting the use of the cloud will not only improve productivity and reform the world of work, but it will also lead to the creation of companies that are more resilient in the face of disasters.
Tsukaeru brings file sharing and storage into the cloud
Here are two of Tsukaeru’s cloud services that are ideal for disaster preparation.
First up is Tsukaeru Filebako, a file server type cloud storage service, allowing the storage of any file on a secure, dedicated cloud server. Just by sending a link, instead of attaching them to an email, files and folders can easily be shared within your company. It is also very convenient for sharing files between multiple locations.
For example, for a shared folder for a collaborative work project on Filebako, all file updates and changes by all members will be automatically synchronized via the cloud, making teamwork more smoother. No more sending files back and forth; no more cumbersome version control!
While Filebako is an excellent cloud storage service that stores files in the cloud, it can also function as a file server just like a local environment. It is recommended for first-time cloud users because it provides file storage in the cloud with exactly the same ease of use as usual. It can also be used for remote work, which is increasingly needed as a countermeasure against the Novel Coronavirus.
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Tsukaeru Cloud Backup for backing up all of your data in its entirety
Tsukaeru Cloud Backup is a popular service that allows the backing up of all your data to the cloud. With Tsukaeru Cloud Backup installed, the entire system, including the OS, is automatically backed up, and all data can be restored in a short time. Because it is a cloud-based service, there is no initial cost or need for specialized knowledge, and operating costs are reduced. It is ideal for disaster countermeasures and, of course, protecting against the recently increasing threat of ransomware.
Preparing for natural disasters is one of the most important issues that businesses will have to deal with in the near future. Now is the best time to implement an effective cloud-based disaster preparation plan.
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