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A Complete Guide to Tsukaeru FileBako: Top 9 FAQ And Answers


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More and more industries are turning to cloud storage for their data storage needs. These organizations point to its ease of use, overall savings, and ease of implementation, but there are other things that also come into play after implementation. As you consider implementing cloud storage and which service to choose, it is important to familiarize yourself with the details. This helps avoid unexpected difficulties, misunderstandings, and differing expectations. 

In this article, we tackle nine of the most frequently asked questions about Tsukaeru FileBako from 


What is online storage?

Let’s start, though, with an explanation of online storage in general. 

Online storage (cloud storage) is a service that stores data on the Internet. By comparison, on-premise storage requires an in-house information system and servers. Both of these are physical items that must exist within your organization. 

While on-premise data storage systems are relatively easy to customize to meet the specific needs of your organization, they can be expensive to implement and require anywhere from weeks to months to bring into operation. They also require knowledgeable and skilled onsite personnel to manage and troubleshoot them if a problem occurs. 

Cloud storage is the opposite. It is not located nor operated in-house and is slightly less customizable than on-premise storage. However, it is superior in terms of personnel requirements, the time required for setup and maintenance, and overall cost. Online or cloud storage is also advantageous in terms of data protection in case of cyber attacks and disasters, natural and manmade, both of which have become more of a threat in recent years. 

However, these pros and cons are only general comparisons. When it comes time for your company to choose a service, it’s important to know which questions to ask to ensure that you will enjoy the maximum advantage and minimize the disadvantages. It’s also important to know what kind of answers you need to hear to make the best choice for your company.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many users are allowed per contract?

The number of users for our service is unlimited. This means that you can create accounts for all of your employees for a flat fee. You can also make this service available to your business partners as needed, which is a further advantage. This gives your company more flexibility when collaborating on projects or communicating about work. 

Services that charge by the number of users often result in a fee each time an account is added. A result of this is that companies are not able to take full advantage of the increased capacity and flexibility a cloud storage system can offer. By offering a service with an unlimited number of users, costs are reduced while capacity is maximized. 

In addition, our cloud storage system allows companies to designate different types of users such as administrator, internal, or external. User privileges can also be tailored for your company's needs on a project-by-project basis. For example, some users may have Read-only access, meaning they can see the information but cannot change it. Others may have Write access privileges, which means they can read and change information as needed. This allows each employee not only to have their own account, but the settings allow companies to decide how to organize the accounts to their advantage. 

The number of users for our service is unlimited


2. Can I share files or have them edited by users who do not have an account?

Tsukaeru FileBako allows you to easily create links to share files regardless of their size. Simply copy and paste it into an email or chat message and share away! Recipients simply need to click the link to download the data. Users also have the option to set passwords for files that are deemed particularly sensitive, which is another choice companies can make depending on the business partner and project. 

In addition, since the number of users is unlimited, one useful option is to set up accounts with external users you communicate with frequently. This gives your company the flexibility to quickly and effectively share information and collaborate. 

3. Is there a limit to the number of folders I can create or the number of files I can save?

There is no limit to the number of folders or files you can create or save within the capacity set by the contract. The default storage capacity for our users is 1TB, or 1,000GB. This is large enough to store approximately 1 million office files (1MB per file) or 100,000 one-minute video captures (10MB per file). 

For more information on capacity comparisons, please consult this article.

4. Is there a size limit when uploading files?

Just like there is no limit on the number of folders or files you can create or save, there is no limit to the amount of space available for each file as long as it falls within 1TB. For convenience and flexibility, large files can also be uploaded and shared by attaching a link in an email or chat message. 

Is there a size limit when uploading files?


5. Can I use it on my smartphone?

Yes, you can! In a business scene where remote is becoming increasingly more common and speed is becoming more important, the ability to access data from different locations as well as different devices is pivotal. 

Tsukaeru FileBako allows users to easily access, check, upload, and download files using their smartphones. For example, this makes it possible for data to be instantly shared with company headquarters from scattered or distant manufacturing and construction sites.

If your device is iOS, you simply need to download the Rushfiles application from the App Store. If your device is Android, just download the Rushfiles application from the Google Play Store. Then, log in and start using our cloud storage service on your smartphone.

6. Can I check individual user histories?

Yes, you can. Our cloud storage service has a log monitoring function that allows administrators to view and manage each user's deletion history, upload history, login history, and more. This allows your organization to trace progress or discover where a problem may have started and learn how to counter it in the future.

7. Can I customize the service to match our brand color or add my logo?

Yes, you can! In recent years, the concepts of white labeling and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) have become more and more common. This allows organizations to customize the appearance of our service so that it seamlessly fits in with their branding strategies and efforts. 

Currently, has about 150 partners stretching from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and about 90% of them are tailoring their own Tsukaeru FileBako storage service to match their brands. Companies wishing to do so simply submit the information, and we customize the logo and corporate colors for you. Delivery of the finished product takes anywhere from one to one and a half months. The pricing and contract period of the cloud storage service using the company branding option can be decided based on your sales strategies and plans. 

8. What is your pricing plan?

The Business Plan for corporate customers has a basic capacity setting of 1TB and an unlimited number of users. Additional capacity can be added at any time, with an additional 1TB costing 7,480 yen per month (tax included). If paid monthly, the cost is 18,480 yen per month (including tax). However, the majority of our customers choose an annual contract, which results in a lower price. 

Pricing plan


9. Can it be used in languages other than Japanese?

Yes, the web version of our cloud storage service allows you and your users to change the language on the login screen as needed. With 24 languages available, this makes it easy to communicate with business partners around the world. 


Tsukaeru FileBako

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Tsukaeru FileBako cloud storage service. However, as helpful as it is to consider each of these questions carefully, the best test of whether or not it meets your needs is to try it out. We offer a free trial for exactly that reason. Contact us today to learn how to get started. 

Easy and safe to use cloud storage, with a full support system

We will help you establish the cloud storage service in your company with our full support system. You can contact us by phone, email, or chat, and we are available 24 hours a day for emergencies such as server problems.

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