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By blog Sep 03 2020


Recently, we hear more and more about "cloud storage.” It's a great match for remote work and is expected to gain even more popularity among companies. In this article, we'll discuss the basics of cloud storage and the safe and affordable cloud storage service, "Tsukaeru Filebako."
With the number of companies embracing remote work this year, using the cloud is becoming almost mandatory and will continue post-COVID-19. Cloud services will also become a commonplace tool in the future, even outside of traditional remote work. If you're unfamiliar with cloud services, it is important to familiarize yourself with the easy-to-use tools.
What is cloud storage?
Cloud storage can be defined as "a service that allows the storage of files on a server on the Internet."
Normally, files used for work are stored in a local environment, such as a computer or server located in a company building. However, with cloud storage, the files are stored in the "cloud" on a dedicated server on the Internet, which has the following advantages:
・Files can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any device (perfect for remote work).
・Files can be easily shared within a company or department, or with external collaborators.
・In the case of disruption, such as system malfunction or infrastructure damage, the data is still protected and available in the cloud.
Unique Features of Tsukaeru Filebako
As a cloud storage service for corporations, Tsukaeru Filebako has additional unique features in addition to the general advantages of cloud storage mentioned above.
・Unlimited number of users. As many users as needed can be added without worrying about cost, each with a personal folder.
・Affordable price of 9,800 yen per month for 1TB capacity
・Functions exactly as normal server storage by accessing through Explorer file display function.
・In addition to SSL communication, double encryption with a secret key is implemented.
・When an account is no longer needed, it can be simply deleted. Easy to manage and keep secure. No additional administrative work for situations, such as changing passwords when a user of a shared folder leaves the company, is required when multiple users share an account.
・Easy to transfer whole folders between other cloud services with copy and paste functions.
With our free trial service, why not experience the convenience of cloud storage with Tsukaeru Filebako?
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Free webinar on the use and benefits of Filebako!
Wednesday, September 9, 2020
14:00-14:30 pm (Japan time)
Tsukaeru will host a free webinar (online seminar) to learn about the functions and use of Tsukaeru Filebako. Anyone can attend for free with advance registration.
We look forward to seeing you there!
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