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By blog Jul 01 2020


In June, the restriction on crossing prefectural borders was lifted in Japan, and in Europe, there is a movement to gradually open borders. It seems that the world is slowly moving to the normality of the past.
However, after this unprecedented crisis, there is one thing that is unlikely to be completely restored even if the pandemic disappears: our way of working.
Three keywords for defining work in the post-Corona age
With the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, many companies experienced remote work for the first time. Now, it seems that more and more people will return to regular work in the near future, but even so, many managers believe that everything cannot be restored to what it once was.
In the post-Corona age, where productivity and work-life balance are more important than ever, the three keywords are “collaboration,” “flexibility,” and “security.”
■ Collaboration
Accelerating innovation through collaboration with other companies and the use of freelancers will become more and more common in the future. Collaboration with outside entities is an efficient way to create new value and profit in the shortest time possible.
■ Flexibility
From this experience, many will realize that remote work is in fact possible. From now on, not only large companies, but also small- and medium-sized ones, will accept more flexible work styles to some extent, according to employee circumstances and lifestyles.
■ Security
Strengthening information security is essential to promote the collaboration and flexibility mentioned above. Instead of a passive attitude of “implementing minimum measures,” a positive mindset of “always pursuing the best and latest security measures” is required.
Will cloud storage become commonplace in the post-Corona age?
In order to strengthen collaboration with others and promote more flexible working styles, it is important to create an environment that enables smooth and secure file exchange. However, project management and file version management can quickly become complicated with the use of conventional email attachments.
To meet this need, the use of cloud storage is rapidly expanding. Files can be easily uploaded and downloaded when needed and are always updated to the latest version. There is no need to keep track of which version was sent to who when. Another advantage is that it does not require labor or cost to operate the file server in-house.
Reasons to use Tsukaeru Filebako
Tsukaeru’s Filebako cloud storage service is used by many companies, organizations, and educational institutions nationwide. Here are some excellent reasons for this growing support:
■ Easy and smooth collaboration
Packed with functions that facilitate collaboration, such as shared folders that are ideal for teamwork inside and outside the company, and weblink sharing that allows hassle-free file sharing. The simple and attractive interface facilitates immediate use.
■ Fast flexibility and work style diversity introduction
Tsukaeru Filebako is perfect for remote work file exchange. The official app (iOS and Android) allows remote work anytime and anywhere.
■ Highest-level security and full support
In addition to SSL communication, double encryption with a secret key is provided. Access authority for each file/folder and device/login history confirmation is readily available. Customer support from highly-experienced in-house staff is always available to help.
To be better prepared for the post-Corona age, why not consider trying Tsukaeru Filebako? To learn more, especially about our exciting 14-day free trial membership, please contact us!
Tsukaeru Filebako service details
Please visit the Tsukaeru website to contact us for more information.

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