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Start the New Year with a New Way of Working! Advantages and Disadvantages of Teleworking and the Easiest Way to Get Started


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By blog Jan 08 2020


With the end of the 2010s, a new era has begun. What are your goals for 2020?
As the need for work-style reform increases, creating a comfortable workplace is an important issue this year for business owners and those in charge of HR. While there are various ways to affect this change, one of the most effective measures is remote work (telework).
In this first article of the new year, let’s review the advantages and disadvantages of remote work together and consider the easiest way to introduce it.
What are the benefits of introducing remote work?

Remote work can be an effective way to retain and recruit people. The ability to work from home or in a satellite office directly increases employee satisfaction and lowers turnover. This is also an advantage when hiring young, talented people who value flexibility in the workplace.
Another significant benefit is the reduction in commuting time and stress. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication’s 2016 Survey on Time Use and Leisure Activities (*1), the national average for commuting time per day is one hour and 19 minutes (weekdays). In Tokyo, the average commute is one hour and 34 minutes, and in Kanagawa Prefecture, it can reach upwards of one hour and 45 minutes! Reducing long commutes is extremely effective in increasing employee motivation and productivity and improving work-life balance.
In addition, by embracing teleworking as a new and viable option in the office, employees who have excellent and valuable skills, but have difficulty working in a traditional manner due to issues such as family care needs or living too far away, can still contribute. This is a crucial factor in improving company competitiveness.
Potential problems to be aware of

Of course, there can be problems related to remote work. One emerging and unique issue are the feelings of loneliness and isolation that teleworkers can experience. Because these employees are less likely to meet their colleagues and often work on their own, they are more susceptible to stress from loneliness. Measures should be taken to mitigate such problems, such as increasing the frequency of team meetings and communication through corporate chat tools and video conferences.
Unfortunately, after remote work is introduced, it sometimes does not appear to produce good results and is therefore withdrawn as an option. This is often because management is not focused on managing tasks but on managing employees. Instead of trying to control employee working hours and styles, management should implement teleworking while also setting clear goals, quotas, and deadlines with a focus on measuring achievement.
Introduce telework easily and safely with Tsukaeru Dokodemo Office

So, how can you start teleworking at your company? The easiest, recommended solution is Tsukaeru Dokodemo Office, a service that allows the use of your usual work environment (Windows desktop and applications) anytime, anywhere, regardless of location or device (desktop, laptop, and smartphone). The following problems common to remote work introduction are solved at once, and the telework environment is easily created :

・Security - Latest features such as SSL encryption and two-factor authentication
・Cost - Clear and inexpensive rate plan
・Management - Simple and centralized application and data management
・Usability - Same familiar IT environment as the regular office
Why not make 2020 a leap year for your company with the introduction of telework?
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(*1) 2016 Survey on Time Use and Leisure Activities, Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication

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