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The Best of Cloud and Local Storage! Exciting New Tsukaeru FileBako Option Provides Even More Security!


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By blog Aug 25 2021


Synology integration is an option that allows the automatic synchronization of data between Tsukaeru FileBako cloud storage and a NAS (Network-attached storage) device once every five minute. This combination makes it possible to create a data management system that protects your data, whether stored online or on hardware.

Synology integration

The demand for online file sharing is increasing as remote work becomes the new normal around the globe. Tsukaeru’s FileBako, a cloud-based, virtual drive service that allows users to upload data to and share it with an unlimited number of users, has been adopted by many companies due to its excellent cost performance and security. We have now developed a new synchronization option called Synology integration, designed to make Tsukaeru’s FileBako service even more convenient and secure to use. In this article, we will provide a detailed explanation of its background, new feature overviews, and setup process.


What is Tsukaeru FileBako?

Tsukaeru FileBako is an amazing service that allows users to upload documents, images, videos, and other data to a cloud-based virtual drive. In addition, there is no limit to the number of users who can use the system to share data, and it can be used with various operating systems. Its low price also makes implementation easy and affordable for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Tsukaeru FileBako main features

Unlimited number of users and unlimited use of 1TB
   Additional capacity is available as a paid option

・Saves computer space 
 Download only the data you need to save space on your local device

・AD (Active directory) integration
 Centralized ID/password control and remote management (paid option)

・Can be used with Windows Explorer and Mac Finder

Available as a browser version and mobile app, allowing easy data sharing in the field or on the road

・Mail gateway function
 Automatically uploads scanned data from multifunction devices, such as a scanner, to FileBako (paid option)

Reliable security measures
 AES 256-bit encryption, the world’s most secure encryption algorithm, two-factor authentication, and SSL for the web management screen ensure security

・Fast and reliable customer support
 Support is available 24 hours a day by phone, email, chat, etc. in case of emergencies such as server downtime

Tsukaeru FileBako main features


What is NAS?

NAS stands for “Network-attached storage” and is an external data storage device that is specialized for use over a network. Compared to regular file servers, it offers lower installation costs and does not require personnel for management and maintenance. Synology Inc., which Tsukaeru has partnered with through the KSG Corporation, is a Taiwanese NAS manufacturer with global operations. Its 50% share of the European and   US NAS markets make it a trusted and popular brand.


What is the new Synology integration option?


Development background

Both the Tsukaeru FileBako cloud service  and Synology’s NAS are both popular choices, but each has their weaknesses, such as possible network failure with the former and downtime due to physical failures, disasters, or restoring backups with the latter. To provide even more peace of mind, we have jointly developed Synology integration, a new option that became available as of July 15, 2021.

What is the new Synology integration option?


Easy setup

1. [Customer side] Tsukaeru FileBako account creation

2. [Tsukaeru, KSG] NAS device setup and delivery

3. [Customer side] NAS device activation (after delivery)


NAS ancillary services

・KSG Corporation will ship the NAS device pre-set for use with Tsukaeru FileBako

・Hardware maintenance (9:00-17:00 weekdays, on-site the next business day for five years)

・Remote recovery option (9:00-17:00 weekdays for five years)



The Synology integration option synchronizes data between cloud storage and the NAS device in the on-premise environment every five minutes, creating a solid, safe, and secure system.



Tsukaeru FileBako’s new option keeps your data safe at all times

Tsukaeru Filebako and Synology integration together create an extremely convenient and secure combination. However, the only way to truly understand how it can meet your needs is to experience it for yourself. 

With that in mind, we are happy to offer a free, 14-day trial period for Tsukaeru FileBako so you can see how it works.

*Synology integration is an option. To learn more, please contact one of our representatives for more details or to set up an online meeting to discuss it in person.

Click here for more information on Tsukaeru FileBako.

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