Struggling to respond to Coronavirus, the medical world needs backup


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By blog Apr 22 2020


As the unprecedented crisis caused by the Coronavirus spreads, the issue of backing up medical data has never been more important.
Increasing medical data leads to increased risks
With the introduction of electronic medical records and digital storage of X-rays and other imaging, the amount of medical data being produced is increasing at an accelerating rate. In addition, an aging population and their medical needs will create even more data that needs to be stored and protected. Long-term solutions are essential for proper treatment and consultation. The bottom line is simple: data loss is bad for patients and their outcomes.

The increase in natural disasters and cyberattacks such as ransomware are also serious risks in terms of medical data storage. A reliable backup system is vital, but due to cost and other issues, many medical institutions are not sufficiently protected.
Why is cloud backup best for medical institutions?
Recently, cloud backup is gaining attention as the best solution for protecting medical data for three reasons:

1. No large initial investment required
With cloud backup, there is no need for capital investment at the time of introduction. Even small clinics can create and maintain high-level backup systems for a reasonable cost.

2. Ideal disaster countermeasure
In a situation where a medical institution or its area is damaged or compromised, remote data centers keep medical data safe and secure. With cloud backup, the system and data can be immediately restored.

3. Improved security
Technological advances provide today’s cloud systems with extremely high levels of security. In many cases, it is actually safer to implement cloud backup solutions than create a local backup system on location.

Simplicity, safety, affordability: Tsukaeru Cloud Backup
 In response to the Japanese government’s “Two Guidelines from Three Ministries,” Tsukaeru Cloud Backup can be installed at medical institutions and is becoming a popular solution for backing up electronic medical record systems and billing systems for hospitals and clinics across the nation.

■ Simplicity
Introducing Tsukaeru Cloud Backup is not complicated at all. In just five minutes, all data including the operating system is completely protected. With a simple and easy-to-understand management screen, it is simple to operate in everyday life. Backups are automatic, removing any worry about forgetting them.

Tsukaeru Cloud backup utilizes the military-grade strength AES-256 encryption protocol and implements full security measures. Data is first encrypted with AES-256 in the customer’s environment before transfer. The data transfer communication itself is also encrypted with AES-256. In addition, at the backup destination servers, the same encryption is used to save the data. Finally, the Tsukaeru network data center facility is ISO27001 (ISMS) certified, and access by third parties is strictly controlled.
■ Affordability
Tsukaeru Cloud Backup is only 30 JPY a day and has an attractive price of only 0.98 JPY per gigabyte of data. For example, for a general medical clinic with one server and one PC, the monthly fee would be 7,380 (three-year contract, one terabyte capacity). And of course, there is no initial startup cost.
A 30-day free trial of Tsukaeru Cloud Backup is currently available. Please feel free to give it a try, and let us know what you think!
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