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    Managed Services

    Outsource your cloud infrastructure
    to our dedicated team of trained professionals.
    Customized solutions available!

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Managed Services

Let us take care of management and administration of your infrastructure. From implementation to ongoing mangement, we’ll create a plan that matches your needs.

What's your pain point?

  • Lack skills and experience to design the ideal solution
  • Don’t have the time to spend managing your infrastructure
  • You want to use cloud, but don’t know where to start
  • You want to keep your site online, even during hardware issues
  • You don’t know how to create a fully redundant platform for your app
  • Need analysis and advice about your infrastructure

Not sure where to start? Contact Tsukaeru and experience stress free cloud.


Free Consultation


Cloud implementation and configuration


Admin Outsourcing


Monitoring Outsourcing


Migration or upgrade

Contact our cloud consultants with any questions you may have, or for a free quotation.


Outsource server environment design, configuration, management and monitoring

Recommended scenarios

  • You want to leave server administration and operation to professionals

  • You want to save money on staffing costs with everything from implementation to maintenance.

  • You have high priority on stability and performance of your service

  • Your prefer OPEX to CAPEX, preferring to rent than buy your hardware

Free consultation



Premium Support

1 Month


1 Year

¥52,800 (¥4,400/mth)

2 Years

¥79,200 (¥3,300/mth)

Our highly experienced engineers will investigate issues within your environment, offering advice on a solution.

Please see here for the scope of work for each plan.

Managed Package plan

Anshin Secure Pack

= secure-package Premium Support + Security Pack

3 Months

¥59,400 (¥19,800/mth)

6 Months

¥108,900 (¥18,150/mth)

12 Months

¥198,000 (¥16,500/mth)

Have you built a website for an important client, but don’t know what to monitor to keep them secure?
When you need help with securing your server, Anshin Secure will put your mind at ease. In additional to advanced monitoring, our engineers will proactively update your environment with security patches for base operating system services as they become available


Managed package plan

Omakase Managed Pack

= secure-package Premium Support + secure-package Anshin Secure Pack + Managed Support

3 Moths

¥165,000 (¥55,000/mth)

6 Months

¥297,000 (¥49,500/mth)

12 Months

¥528,000 (¥44,000/mth)

In addition to all Anshin Secure Pack features, our engineers will proactively monitor and respond to any issues with your environment. Even when our call center is busy, you will receive priority support from a dedicated engineer. Regular enterprise backup is included free of charge.

* All prices are tax included

Managed package plan details



Anshin Secure Pack


Omakase Managed Pack

Support Details

Firewall circle circle Correct firewall configuration is critical to preventing breaches and attacks on your server. We will configure, monitor and maintain your servers firewall according to your needs, based on required ports and IP addresses.
Email AntiSpam/AntiVirus MailBuster 30 protected domains (3000 email users) 50 protected domains(5000 email users) MailBuster for filtering inbound and outbound email for all malware and spam. Protect your domains reputation by preventing unauthorized email being sent from your server. No need for an expensive compliance server. Our machine-based learning will provide clean email, without significant maintance, saving you time and money.
OS Distribution security updates circle circle Our engineers will apply critical OS updates to distribution packages as they become available. Plesk updates will also be monitored and updated where applicable.
* non-standard packages can be updated on request as incidental support.
SSL Certificate Single-domain InstantSSL  included (renewals included) Wildcard or 3 domain Instant SS included (renewals included) SSL is essential for any online presence. Encrypt data transmissions, ensure connection authentication and secure data integrity. Widely trusted Comodo’s Organisation Verified InstantSSL certificates are are included with any managed support service. Installation included Plesk control panel is installed. Other installations will incur a separate installation fee.
Advanced Monitoring circle circle Monitor all ciritcal systems and resources of you server 24 hours a day using Zabbix, configured and maintained by our team of engineers. You will be notified by email if any pre-configured level is triggered.
* Custom system monitoring requests available separately.
Proactive Monitoring Service なし circle In addition, in Advanced monitoring, our 24/7 team will perform initial analysis and recovery when an alert is triggered. Recovery quickly even without your own internal team.
* Custom system monitoring requests available separately.
Technical Hotline - circle Get help when you need it. You will be assigned a dedicated engineer with a hotline to skip the regular support queue, including an emergency hotline for out of business hour calls.
Managed Backup Tsukaeru Cloud Backup 200GB Diskspace 1TB Diskspace A reliable backup plan is essential to any size business. Your dedicated engineer will ensure that backups are regular and complete. We will test restores regularly and report results on request. You will also have access to full system image backups at any time. The managed backup service includes unlimited backup diskspace for your infrastructure. Restores are performed free of charge.
Premium Support circle circle Our highly experienced engineers will investigate issues within your environment, offering advice on a solution.
* Implementation of fixes for custom configurations available seperately.

Contact us

Phone: Weekddays 10:00-17:00

Toll Free:

0120 961 166


03 4590 8198

Other Support


Incidental Support


* None business hour support quotations available on request

Our engineers will provide investigation and support of issues not included in support packages on request.
Eg)Compromised server investigation, PHP version updates etc

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