Partner Program

Tsukaeru offers you an attractive opportunity to expand your business with a set of competitive cloud products. These include cloud infrastructure, cloud backup, disaster recovery, and online security solutions.

Partner Program
  • Offer Cloud services to your customers as Tsukaeru, or under your own brand
  • Increase your business opportunities by providing attractive cloud services.
  • Easily provide value-added services in security, backup and disaster recovery
  • Improve your cashflow via a proven recurring revenue model
  • No large investment to get started
  • No inventory required, only a simple sales cycle and an automated provisioning

Cloud Services

Tsukaeru Filebox

Filebox is an innovative cloud-based file server, which replaces legacy on-premise servers. Differentiate your product offering to other file sharing services with our Virtual Drive technology, hosted in your region for your security and productivity. Filebox is a perfect solution for service companies that regularly share data with clients in multiple locations, which can be installed quickly and easily.

Cloud Backup

Tsukaeru Cloud backup, powered by Acronis Data Cloud, is a fast, scalable, and reliable backup solution for partial or complete systems. Back up data, applications, settings, or entire operating system. Fast disaster recovery and an off-site backup that provides a fallback solution in case of a ransomware attack.

Tsukaeru MailBuster

Secure your network from spam, virus, phishing, ransomware, and other attacks. Mail Buster applies proprietary machine-learning smart technologies to eliminate spam and mail-based threats before they reach your network. We provide the service at an affordable per-domain pricing.

Tsukaeru Waffle

Our Cloud WAF (Web Application Firewall) will monitor all the traffic to and from your web applications, and block all attacks before they reach your website. We offer enterprise-grade security for a low monthly price. Protect your website before you are attacked, or blacklisted.

Choose the option that aligns with your business model. Our three popular options are the Affiliate program , Reseller partner, and the White label partner with wholesale pricing.

Reseller partner

1. Reseller partner

Offer Tsukaeru services to your customers, fully supported by our highly experienced professionals, with the peace of mind that your reputation will be upheld. We will provide you with catalogues and sales tools to drive up your sales.

White label partner

2. White label partner

The most flexible and profitable partner program. Offer all Tsukaeru services as your own, or a white label branded service. Package, price and promote our services using your business model, and invoice your customers directly.

Success stories

OA sales

OA sales

We improved our ARPU by linking our products with multifunction devices, despite the prevailing decline in equipment profits. In addition, we have also improved performnce by switching from other providers.

IT Consultant

IT consultant

By switching the mail filtering service from another provider to Tsukaeru, we reduced the cost by over 60%. This has led to a significant increase in profits.

Used PC Distributor

Used PC distributor

We include the cloud services as a bundle to go with the PCs we sell. The business model secures us a recurring revenue from the PCs that we sell.

Medical System Sales

Medical system sales

We bundle the cloud services with the multifunction devices, maintenance and operation services we offer to our clients. This has resulted in an increase in profits, and reduction in maintenance and operational costs.




Backup is an effective way to protect critical business data from various threats. However, a reliable backup solution can be costly and difficult to implement unless offered at an affordable price. What is the optimal cloud-based solution for companies that want to keep costs down?