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Cloud-based BCP (Business Continuity Plan) in the Post-Corona Age


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By blog Jul 15 2020


The Novel Coronavirus has completely changed our lives. While the first wave seems to have calmed down, for the time being, we still have to continue living with its effects. In this article, we will discuss the importance of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in the post-Corona age.
The need for BCP in the post-Corona age
BCP incorporates the measures and strategies that enable companies to continue operations in the event of a disaster or emergency such as a pandemic.
The current situation has taught us that an emergency can occur at any time. And even though the Coronavirus situation is calming down in some regions, there is a good chance that it could flare up again.
Japan, which experiences major earthquakes and floods almost every year, is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. To be prepared, BCP is a basic necessity for all companies.
The Cloud is the best place for BCP
When there is a need to establish an effective BCP quickly and easily, it is best to utilize an external solution. The solution of choice is cloud technology.
With cloud services, data is securely stored separately from the physical location of a company. In this way, if an event occurs, its impact on business can be minimized. Furthermore, the cloud allows access to data and the ability to continue working from anywhere at any time, making it a perfect way to continue operations in an emergency.
Protect your data with Tsukaeru Cloud Backup
At Tsukaeru, we have many cloud solutions that are optional for BCP measures. We’d like to introduce the following particularly recommended services:
Tsukaeru Cloud Backup is a comprehensive backup service attractively priced at affordable 30 JPY per day/1 GB per 0.98 JPY. All files and folders, as well as the entire computer OS, are backup protected against ransomware and disasters. Assurance is provided by our high-level of global security and extensive customer support.
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Tsukaeru FileBako cloud file server
Tsukaeru FileBako is a file server-type cloud storage that provides excellent security and stability. Designed for smooth team collaboration, uploaded data is triple-layered in the cloud, removing the worry of hardware failure.
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Remote work is easy with Microsoft 365 Protection
Microsoft 365 Protection is highly recommended for companies using the Microsoft 365 subscription service. With just a simple setup, all Microsoft 365 emails and files are directly backed up to the cloud: an effective solution to protect valuable data from viruses and human errors.
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Tsukaeru’s low cost, simple, and secure cloud services can provide all the BCP measures you need to protect your business from potential disasters and related risks.
Please visit the Tsukaeru website to contact us for more information.

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