• Cloud Backup Plus
    Cloud Backup Plus

    Cloud Backup +

    20 seconds is all we need to deliver your server regardless of your specifications. You can choose from a list of pre-configured systems or request for a custom configuration. Tsukaeru will provide you with exactly what you need.
    No more, no less

  • Cloud Backup
    Cloud Backup

    Cloud Backup

    Protect your data with our affordable backup solution.
    Backup locally and to the cloud, with a FREE ransomware protection.
    ¥33/day ¥1.078/GB(tax included)

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What is Tsuakeru Cloud Backup +?

Tsukaeru Cloud Backup Plus is an automated and easy-to-integrate unified solution that provides your organization with enhanced protection against data losses and other modern threats.

Do you have any of the following challanges?

What is Tsuakeru Cloud Backup Plus
  • Complicated backup and security control panel.
  • Risks of data loss due to hard disk or other hardware failures.
  • Unable to protect your critical data from ransomware?
  • Unable to address vulnerabilities in your organization's ICT systems?
  • Difficulties managing your backed up and not backed up devices.
  • Need a better way to manage multiple PCs - instead of one by one?
  • Looking for an efficient solution to remotely set up and manage your devices?

Benefits of Tsukaeru Cloud Backup +

  • Simple and intuitive control panel that simplifies operations
  • Monitor hard disk health status and respond before it breaks down
  • Advanced malware countermeasures
  • Discover and address vulnerabilities and patch management issues
  • Unified management of all devices
  • Saves time and running costs by remote monitoring and management

What's New in Tsukaeru Cloud Backup +

Backup Recovery

Backup and Recovery

Fast, reliable and enhanced backup and recovery of your systems, applications and data for all devices

Anti Malware


Comprehensive next-generation AI / ML-based protection against malware, ransomware and other threats

Remote Control

Remote Control

Easily view the security status of any user device using customizable dashboards on the backup console

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Easy, efficient, reliable and secure.
Tsukaeru Cloud Backup +

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Extend Anti-Malware Capabilities



  • Auto-discovery of new devices
  • Vulnerability
  • Assess data protection map


  • Remote agent installation
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Unified protection policies management


  • Defenses against malware/ransomware
  • Hard drive health checks and control
  • Dashboards and reports


  • Backup and patch management
  • Malware quarantine
  • Bootable Rescue disk


  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Forensic information in backups
  • Remote desktop

Key Features

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Discover an issue before it happens

  • Continuous daily updates of our vulnerability and patch management databases
  • Support for Microsoft, Adobe, Java, and other systems.
  • Microsoft:
    • Workstations – Windows 7 and newer versions
    • Server – Windows Server 2008R2 and newer versions
    • Microsoft Office 2010 and newer versions
    • NET Framework and server applications
Patch Management

Patch Management

Fix an issue before it happens

Large common vulnerabilities and exploits database - 250-300 new CVEs weekly

  • Auto-approval of patches
  • Deploy patches on schedule
  • Manual deployment
  • Flexible Windows reboot and maintenance options
  • Staged patches deployment
  • All Microsoft updates including Windows, MS Office, and other software
Disk Health Monitoring

Disk Health Monitoring

Detect a potential disk failure before it happens

  • Uses a combination of machine learning, SMART reports, drive size, drive vendor, and other metrics to predict failures
  • The machine-learning model offers a 98.5% predictions accuracy (and we keep improving it)
  • Once a drive alert is raised, you can take action, for example backup critical files from the failing drive
  • Avoid unexpected customer data loss, proactively improve uptime, and provide reliable services
CyberFit Score

CyberFit Score

CyberFit assesses and scores various security metrics to identify gaps in your IT environment and endpoints.

It then recommends ways to improve your security posture.

CyberFit Score is based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and assesses the critical security configurations for protecting endpoints and environments.

Anti-Malware Protection

Anti-Malware Protection

Comprehensive anti-malware protection for Windows and MacOS

  • Real-time protection against malware
  • Cryptomining process detection
  • Ransomware detection
  • On-demand scanning
  • Self-protection: Protect Tsukaeru components (e.g. registry, service stopping, Acronis file protection, etc)
  • Network folder protection: Protect data in all your shared folders against ransomware
URL Filtering to Manage Access to Malicious URLs

URL Filtering to Manage Access to Malicious URLs

URL filtering allows you to control access to websites by permitting or denying access to web pages based on

Information contained in a URL list.

  • HTTP/HTTPS interceptor
  • URL Black/whitelists
  • Malicious payload analysis of the URLs

Prevent attacks through malicious/hacked websites, gain better compliance and productivity

Use the remote function of the
Cloud Backup + to support teleworking

Remotely operate any endpoint regardless of location

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop

  • Support remote users quickly and efficiently.
  • Access systems on private networks without changing firewall settings or establishing additional VPN tunnels. Our solution uses port 443 for outgoing connections.

Use a small number of tools, and less effort, to quickly connect and respond.

Are you experiencing the following limitations when teleworking

Cannot access you office desktop PC which is bulky and not portable
  • Cannot access you office desktop PC which is bulky and not portable
Do not want to access the company server from employee-owned PCs
  • Do not want to access the company server from employee-owned PCs

We have Tsukaeru.Remocon solution for you

You can turn your office computer on and off remotely from home

PCs at office are not ON when I try to remote control them via Tsukaeru Cloud Backup. "Tsukaeru Remo-Con (remote control)" was introduced to meet such a need. It allows you turn on your office PC remotely from your home.

The "Remo-Con" supports Teleworking through a secure remote connection. As such, you do not need to transfer company data, from your office PC, to your personal computer.

You need just 2 steps
To access your office PC from home

Turn on Tsukaeru Remocon Wake on LAN(WOL)

Step 1

Turn on Tsukaeru Remocon
Wake on LAN(WOL)

Remote control from Tsukaeru Cloud Backup Plus control panel

Step 2

Remote control
from Tsukaeru Cloud Backup Plus
control panel

Cloud Backup Server

Tsukaeru Remocon use cases

  • Wake on LAN (WOL) enabled PC
  • PC connected by LAN cable
  • PC with enabled remote desktop connection function
    • Windows 7 professional
    • Windows 8 Pro
    • Enterprise, 8.1 Pro
  • Enterprise
    • Windows 10 Pro Enterprise
    • Windows Server

More features of Tsukaeru Cloud Backup +

One Protection Plan

One Protection Plan

Covers all Cloud Backup Plus aspects:

  • Backup
  • Anti-malware protection
  • URL filtering
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Patch management
  • Data discovery (via data protection map)
  • Windows Defender Antivirus and Microsoft Security Essentials management
Devices Auto-Discovery

Devices Auto-Discovery

Discover all devices that require protection and remotely install just one agent (instead of many) for anti-malware, backup, remote desktop, patching, etc

Simple Unified Management

Simple unified management

One solution integrates backup, disaster recovery, AI-based protection against malware and ransomware, remote desktop, and security tools in a single agent

Flexible Monitoring and Reporting

Flexible Monitoring and Reporting

Single pane of glass that delivers greater value, faster operations and simple renewals

  • Hardware health monitoring (HDD, SSD)
  • Active alert control
  • Missing updates control

Cloud Backup vs. Cloud Backup + features

Features Tsukaeru Cloud Backup Tsukaeru Cloud Backup Plus
Standard Standard Advanced
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Basic auto-recovery and remote agent installation
  • Advanced auto-discovery and remote agent installation
  • Patch management
  • Anti-malware protection
  • URL filtering
  • Continuous data protection
  • Anti-malware scanning of backups
  • Safe recovery
  • Safe patching
  • Smart protection plans
  • Windows defender Antivirus and Microsoft Security Essentials management
  • Drive health monitoring
  • Remote Desktop
  • Forensic data backup
  • Data protection plan


Tsukaeru Cloud Backup+ Standard
Tsukaeru Cloud Backup +
1 PC + 3 Mobile
Storage GB 1 month 1 year 2 year 3 year
200 ¥2,728 ¥2,068 ¥1,793 ¥1,320
500 ¥3,828 ¥3,168 ¥2,453 ¥2,090
1,000 ¥6,028 ¥4,818 ¥3,993 ¥2,970
2,000 ¥8,228 ¥6,468 ¥5,313 ¥4,510
4,000 ¥11,528 ¥9,218 ¥7,513 ¥6,710
10,000 ¥16,830 ¥13,420 ¥12,265 ¥11,000
Tsukaeru Cloud Backup+ additional licenses (Standard)
1 month 1 year (monthly) 2 years (monthly) 3 years (monthly)
5 PCs package ¥6,028 ¥4,928 ¥4,103 ¥3,300
5 Mobiles package ¥1,408 ¥1,078 ¥924 ¥858
Office365 5 emails ¥2,178 ¥1,628 ¥1,408 ¥968
Virtual server
(VM) support
¥2,728 ¥2,288 ¥1,793 ¥1,408
Server OS support ¥11,330 ¥9,020 ¥7,513 ¥5,808
Restoration validation 1 unit/time ¥11,000
Shuttle 1 unit/time ¥22,000
Disaster recovery Contact us

Please feel free to contact us for more information, and pricing for other plans.
* All prices are tax included

Tsukaeru Remocon Price

1 Machine ¥3,278/Month
Setup fee ¥11,000

* All prices are tax included

What makes us different?


Data center

Data Center

More than 20 years in business
Tsukaeru is an accredited ISO27001(ISMS) company. Be assured that your data is secure, and that our dedicated operations team will keep you online all the time.


Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Fully trained cloud professionals
We are fully compliant with ISO27001 standards, and will protect your data against all threats. Our highly trained professionals have many years of experience in operating, securing and managing all types of networks, systems and data.


customer Service

customer Service

Help when you need it
Our dedicated customer service staff are ready to support you any time via phone, email, or live chat. We offer excellent managed services while honouring our service level agreements to meet every customer's needs. Stay online, all the time with Tsukaeru.


Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology (SIST)

SIST implemented Tsukaeru Cloud Backup as it's primary data protection solution. We asked Mizuno-san about his experience.Case StudiesRead more case studies


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