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How Not Backing Up Your Data Can Lead to a Business Disaster

By blog May 01 2019


People say: “I know that backups are important and I understand the risks, but it’s just too much work.” What they don’t realize, however, is that it requires more work to recover from data loss than it does to protect against it. This is even more true for business data.


Data loss due to HDD failure or accidents is far more common than people realize. In fact, it would be more accurate to consider data loss in terms of when it will happen, instead of whether it will.


Corporate Data Loss is a Risk Directly Linked to Business Crises

Data loss from employee accidents is no stranger to most companies. According to a statistical survey, approximately 40% of companies that have experienced major IT accidents cease to operate within one year. 93% of companies with restricted access to data for more than 10 days, for reasons such as ransomware, are also reported as being bankrupt within one year. For all businesses, data loss is a serious risk which can lead to a business crisis.


Insufficient Data Backups Cause Business Crises

There are a variety of scenarios in which a business crisis can occur due to insufficient backups. Here are some examples:


I) A photographer loses an important wedding photo

The day after an important shoot, a wedding photographer transfers his photos onto a computer and prepares his camera’s memory card for his next job. A few days later, however, the photographer checks his computer and realizes that the hard disk has broken down. The backup software had not been activated and all the important wedding photos from his previous job are now lost.


II) A hard drive is destroyed by a droplet of water

One day, a water pipe bursts in a company’s office building. Unfortunately, their servers were backed up in the basement, a place where they thought it would be safe from emergencies. In this case, however, a lot of flooding occurs in the basement. A water droplet gets on the hard drive and causes lasting damage. These are the accidents that can occur with on-premise backups.


III) The Toy Story 2 crisis

The Pixar movie ‘Toy Story 2’ was a big hit in Japan, but did you know they almost lost all their work during production? An employee on the production team was organizing their data when they accidentally clicked on ‘Erase All.’ It turns out the backups had not been updated for several months, and for a short time, it seemed like all the data had been lost. Luckily, employees learned that the technical director had personally backed up, and this saved the entire project. Without the technical director’s effort to make a backup, all production work on the movie would have been lost in an instant.


IV) 50 million songs have disappeared from Myspace

You probably remember Myspace, a music SNS that once ran the world. More than 50 million MP3s were uploaded to MySpace from a myriad of artists, but most of them disappeared a few months ago. MySpace’s announcement describes the problem as, ‘troubles in server migration.’ MySpace apparently didn’t back up at all, so the possibility of recovering their lost files is zero.


Complete data protection measures with Tsukaeru Cloud Backup

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